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maba bamba a group for people that like to read books

  1. alek_31
    45-60 books??????????? oh how I hate you ...I missed BookFest..shortage of funds...

    as for the question, okies....you guys will totally make fun of me : Dostoievski, Tolstoi, Dickens, Stendhall..I know I know,,,,A GEEK to the core, but I've bought myself collections from these authors (hardcover, strong binding, spicy price editions) since I started to collect my own money in highschool ; my parents had all these books and the public library had more than one edition of all these authors, but when I saw them, I felt I had to buy them...they're classics, these are the books I'll MAKE my kid read those if it's the last thing I do
  2. andri12
    alek you can do anything but love the old classics just to add to writers menston by alek few olds classics writers that i love
    Snorri Sturluson
    andSturla Þórðarson a old icelandic writers
    unanimous writer a old icelandic writer that did never listed under his reli name
    aaa there are to many classics writers that i like but if i try to name most of the i go over the max post length
  3. Gizmo
    bump! haha
  4. NarutoVixin
    hihi i got on the wrong club lol anyone hear read Feehan??
  5. andri12
    happy new year did you all one have happy book Christmas
    what did
    you all read over the holidays
    well for i did go on a

    Terry Pratchett reading spre most of the books that i did read was by him books like Going Postal ,Making Money now i cant wait for Raising Taxes

    welcome to the club NarutoVixin
    NarutoVixinno i have not read any book by Feehan but ~MAGIC IN THE WIND~ is on may reading list
  6. Alojvm
    Hi, I joined the group since I adore books and this seems wonderful. My favorite author would have to be Erih Maria Remarque(I have read most of his works). At the moment I'm reading "The age of innocence" by Edith Wharton. I'm mostly in love with the "lost generation" (WW1)authors (like Hemingway)and the classics.
  7. NarutoVixin
    was online reading manga those days lol but i read many diff authers Feehan is good tho shes one of my top must reads
  8. andri12
    welcome to the club Alojvm @ Alojvm ah Hemingway one author that i like to have read books by but never have
  9. tightgrip
    Hi, can I join? *drags chair closer*
    I have a bad habit of starting several novels at about the same time then taking ages to finish them. Bad, but I found a solution:
    Each time I finish a novel I write down the entire summary in a special notebook. So even after several years I can always check if I start to forget details like the title, etc.
    For Xmas, my relatives tend to give me books on poetry or wisdom. They know I'm a greedy bookworm who'd rather buy a hundred books instead of a new pair of shoes, that means they have to pick something I'm not likely to have already. ^^;

    Currently I've started reading "My girlfriend's a geek" (Pentabu), it won't take long to finish but it's perfect to beat the winter blues.
    As for my all-time favourite novel, it has to be "City of joy" (Dominique Lapierre). I was about 13 or 14 when I read it, but it made me see the world through different eyes... You can feel the narrator's enthusiasm and his affection for the people he describes, it's filled with hope and positivity, almost intoxicating... (Okay I'll stop).
  10. Taljom
    thanks for info
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