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  1. andri12
    well the new upgrade to the Social Groups has come
    now we can have many Discussions
    here you can post what book you are reading rite now and what you thing about it
    i start

    i am reading Terry Pratchett Discworld Feet_Of_Clay rite now
    this is what i thing about it

    Baked out of red earthen clay, a Golem is brought to life with ancient magic text written on a piece of paper and placed inside their head. They are large and very strong and dutifully follow the instructions of their owner. A Golem will tirelessly perform the nasty, dirty jobs that no one else wants to do. Day in and day out for years on end without a rest they can handle molten iron, shovel animal guts in slaughter house, or stand in the cold, wet, dark bottom of a mine shaft turning a pump for decades.
    But what might come of a Golem created by other Golems? In this installment of Terry Pratchett’s ever lovable Discworld series, Commander Samuel Vimes of the Watch struggles to solve a series of strange murders, while at the same time trying to figure out how the Patrician, Lord Vetinari is being slowly poisoned. Having read a number of the books out of order (which is not a problem with Discworld) this book gave me a lot of interesting background on a number of the Watch’s more interesting personalities including a werewolf struggling to control her instincts and female Dwarf (Cheery Littlebottom) who, despite her usual long beard, experiments with exposing her true gender with lipstick and skirts. We also see the start of a new age for the Golems when someone gives one ownership of itself by placing its paper of ownership inside its head. If you have somehow resisted entering the wonderful otherworld of Discworld, I encourage you to dive in, it is an amazing place that mirrors our own world, but with just enough differences to draw attention to our own crazy social institutions which we take for granted.
  2. Jemcrystal
    Here is a link to my book reviews: BOOKS I'VE READ(click on link). I prefer fantasy and or m/m slash. Mostly I prefer both! Lol.

    I am reading The Nightrunner Series by Lynn Flewelling. I'm not sure how to describe the novel and do it justice. If I said it was about pirates I would be off yet there is swashbuckling for sure. If I said it was about long ago pioneer days that would be off yet that is the setting. If I said it has dragons, wizards, and elves once again... lol... it's off yet true. Fantasy is definite but so many books fall in that category it does not say much. It is lame to say, "It's one of the best reads ever," but dangit, it's true!

    Here's my little secret. This British book selling site organizes better than anyone else I've ever seen. I fit trying to find the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th book in any series. Fantastic Fiction(click on link) lines them up in neat order - I only use the site for orderliness not purchasing.

    "Luck in the Shadows" is the 1st book.
  3. Millsen
    Use the arrow keys and WASD keys fluently to control the ghost moving quickly in the game Haunt The House. Your goal is to scare other ghosts.
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