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Intros for Group Members

  1. newage19
    Hi, Newage here!
    I have worked professionally at a Computer Repair/ IT help desk for 2 and a half years. Worked mostly with hardware problems, but I can help in some software problems too.
    Work now in a slightly different field, but even now I have IT questions directed my way by my Co-workers and boss.

    If you have any Computer problems, post them here: Computer Help Requests! I'm log into this site usually every weekend.
    ~Cheers! : ]
    p.s. Oh and yes, spilling soda on your laptop and then throwing it against the wall in frustration is usually always fatal to the laptop. Do not do this to the poor, defenseless computer. =_=

  2. Teeny Giggle
    Teeny Giggle
    I'm so dumb I started the group then never returned for it so thanks to the few who stuck around here, and at the time I made this group I was working with a dying desktop computer which in the end did end up dying and being broken down for parts but I've got a new one and it's fine a little slow but I assume that's my connection. I live in SC and the wi-fi here stinks so I'm on cricket wireless and it's bad. I don't know if this is computer help but does anyone know of a reliable wireless networker I can hook up to?
  3. newage19
    Same here about the returning part.

    cricket wireless you say?

    Are you using any of these products specifically at this link?
    Cricket cell phone instructions | Cricket Wireless
  4. celestsunchild
    Hi guys! If you guys need the help of a computer tech! Here i am!
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