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About to be out on my own

  1. Everdark
    Like the title says I am about to be out on my own. The problem is that I have no idea what I am going to do with my life. I have interests but none of them are good enough to turn into a career. How am I going to be able to support myself if I have no job. to bad there is no job were you can sit around and watch anime all day. Lol. any way I also made a blog on this subject so if you want to you can check that out as well. the title is, What do you expect.

    I would like some help in solving my problem
  2. gravitation
    mhm i don´t really want give advise what you have to do but i can say i´m little bit like you i also wished for an job like you to sit and watch anime´s but i´m not sure are there avalible jobs around but always when i was shopping in a manga shop i thought his position must be like heaven he/she is so lucky i was defently jealous. i have a lot of dreams and i want them all come true i learned step by step don´t give up on you believe in your self one day you will get the right job
    see you later
  3. BatNinja
    *Hug* I been going threw the same thing! I got some skills but nothing I can apply to any jobs right now. but who knows what may happen in a year or two. right now I have a chance to become a MIT (manger in training) at my Job it's just McD's and I don't plan on doing it for ever but it's a great jump start and my English teacher in college (even though I'm failing) has told me when I get everything together she wants me to come back to the school to major in English.
    So I guess my advice is start small if you not employed at all right now find someone that's hiring show them you have work effect. even if you don't become a manger for them if you can a good word from them that helps and take any small opportunities you can get cause they may help in the long run.
  4. Everdark
    well I have been thinking about going into video game design but I'm not sure. It sounds like it would be interesting and the fact that I play a lot of games may come in handy. Plus it would be cool to work on one of the things I enjoy you know.

    A few other options I want to do is to become a writer but I;m afraid that I am not very good at that. I also have a small interest in cooking but that is way smaller than the others.

    I will start small. the only problem with finding work is that I live in the middle of no where. There are no jobs . I'll keep trying though even though it seems hopeless right now.
  5. mitsutaka
    i can relate to what you are saying..i just live life for the reason of living it but i don't actually know if this is actually how a person should live..
    it's like looking for something you don't know..spending time for the reason of spending it..letting every second pass for nothing..waking up..eating..taking a bath..doing nothing..sleeping..and the same old routine goes for the next-- who knows how long..life is just so troublesome...boring...and the biggest problem is..life itself..
  6. gravitation
    become a writer it´s also a dream from me but it is hard today to bring out a really good story sometimes when i see who is bringing out a book then i ask myself mhm this you can do it also but then as i sit and want start mhm where to beginn and how the story has to look like that i alredy stoped thinking and finished this chapter but why you don´t try it i think to start with your own story like it is and when you have it ready tell me i would buy it sitting somewhere in the nowhere i know that feeling
  7. Ohjisama
    "the only problem with finding work is that I live in the middle of no where. There are no jobs . I'll keep trying though even though it seems hopeless right now."
    Oh yea I know all too well I am in the middle of no where also and there is no work to be found. Having very very limited amount of money to even go out is very annoying. I'm going to college right now even though technically I'm still in my senior year at my high school. People say I'm ahead but all that for me is putting me extra lost I have no idea what to do just taking silly courses right now like English math history and it all is boring like no other just sorta taking what is required for a degree. I don't have a clue what I want to do other than neet but obviously that isn't going to fly seeing how it is bad all around and my parents are very poor. Still living with my parents also want to move out but I can't get a job so ugh. I'm just lost on what to do not caring right now really. This is like the perfect group for me lol
  8. gravitation
    welcome Ohjisama i want break out of the ruels want fun but i´m not into partys.at the end i dont really have a plan what i really want i look out the window and say tomowrro it will be better you will see then i wake up no change and my wish i want dream again i hate that feeling it makes me blunt i sit all the day looking at the watch and can´t decide what doing as next?
  9. Teeny Giggle
    Teeny Giggle
    Oh my God my people, only I'm not sure I have any one skill but I've always been good at math and would have loved to be an accountant but life is passing fast and I'm just drifting it can be a super downer, and I still live at home!!
  10. glenny
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