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What's better than having a harem?
Having a harem of youkais that have sworn their loyalty to their master!

Yes, this is the group for anyone who loves the manga (or anime-to-be), Nurarihyon no Mago--in short, NuraMago.

It doesn't matter what pairing you support--
Rikuo and his subjects, other pairings that goes on in the harem and don't involve their master, or even pairings that don't belong to his harem but you'd like to fangirl over anyway
(E.g. Granddaddy, Keikain incestuous brothers, 88 kiyakou of the Shikoku, Kyoto demons etc).

Be it Yaoi, Yuri, or Hetero--As long as you love the manga and as long as you love to fantasize about whatever goes on in the harem of 100 demons our dear Rikuo-sama is collecting, you are welcome!

No Flaming. And that goes to flaming pairings, flaming characters, etc.
If you really want to vent/rant, please have SOLID EVIDENCE and logic to back up your reasoning. But I generally don't want to see a long-ass rant about female characters just because they're...females.

Other than that...I guess not much else.

If you haven't read the manga, GO READ IT NOW!

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