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Favorite Case?

  1. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    So out of the whole game series (Including Apollo Justice), which one is your favorite?

    Personally, the last case in the 3rd game, it was freaken awesome! And the Edgey case in the first game! SO MUCH LOVE!
  2. schetenei
    I hear ya! I love all the cases where Edgeworth is involved! So to me, it's also those two cases (Edgeworth-case + where we get to play him), and also the very first case of the first game, when Phoenix meets his childhoodfriend again :3
    About the last case of Trials and Retribution, I also loved the clash between Godou and Phoenix in court. It was... intense, and very sad...
  3. blu chocobo
    blu chocobo
    Anything Edgeworth makes the game worthwhile for me Being able to play Edgey makes it all worthwhile *.* I do feel sad in the end... D:
  4. ShadowYinYang
    Favorite case...I gotta say Trials and Tribulation's last case!!! So frickin AWESOME! Dahlia: Best villain ever!
  5. Sc00byD00315
    I know I'm late to this but I'd have the last case in the third game where Edgy takes over for nick after he fell off the bridge ( hope thats the right game, been a really long time since I played them )

    I can't wait for the new Edgeworth game to come out thou. I saw a few screen shots in the gameinformer and it looks sweet!!
  6. Clancy
    I looooove the last case in Trials & Tribulations. Godot <3

    My least favorite is Justice for All, it was too boring and Franziska ruined it all for me
  7. chunkun
    I absolutly love the case of Matt engard, just for one thing: was the only real case when u have to defend a guilty person. also was to much drama and stress and oh my god i love it haha.
  8. o0Chipie0o
    Well, I haven't played all of them, but the case with that Ini Miney (I think I wrote that wrong..) girl. It was hilarious to see her go back and forth two personalities.
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