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Hello everyone!

  1. MynameisYannick
    Hi! My name is Yannick. I'm 25 years old and currently working as a Merchandiser here in the Middle East. I'm originally from the Philippines somewhere south Let me share some personal information about myself

    1. I'm gay since the time I can remember but I just recently open to my friends and family. Technically I am now an openly gay but I didn't tell my co-workers for security purposes since I'm here in the Middle East.

    2. I love reading books, watching movies, bar hopping, food tripping, travelling and of course anime!

    3. I graduated from one of the most popular universities in the Philippines with the degree in Tourism and Hospitality.

    4. There are times that I just want to stay in my room doing nothing.

    5. I've been into four relationships before with guys. No girls haha

    It is my cousin that led me in joining aarinfantasy. One day she sent me a message asking me if I'm into Yaoi. It's kinda awkward because before I used to think that yaoi means gay porn (sorry). To think that she will be asking me that question makes me nervous and excited. Anyway she introduced me to this two yaoi: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and Junjuo Romantica. I spent the day researching about this two animes and then started watching it. I really didn't expect that I will love these two animes in just a short span of time. I already finished Hatsukoi and now reading the manga. I am now currently watching Junjuo Romatica Seasion 1

    So there you go. I hope we can all be friends here. Have a nice day everyone! XoXo
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