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Alice Cross!

  1. KuroneShizuhi
    Alice Cross is a Trading Card Game (TCG) made for us, the yaoi-pervs :3

    I have starter decks for Junjou Romantica, Hiiro no Kakera, Togainu no Chi, Kichiku Megane, and Hakuouki.
    11 booster packs for Junjou Romantica, and 10 booster packs for Hakuouki.

    How did I start playing Alice TCG?
    Well, I bought the cards just for collecting at Japan's Anime Fair 2009. But ended up playing them when someone taught me (in Singapore) xD

    How about you all?
  2. YagamiMisaki
    (bumps thread~~)

    Just wanted to collect kichiku megane cards......?
    nao i wan hiiro no kakera & hakuouki cards~~ XDD

    Played just because i'm bored....i guess...
  3. illusion7
    I've just started playing not long ago... Made a Lamento deck, and collecting that series too...
    Now i want Hakuouki and Hiiro no Kakera cards too... But Hiiro no Kakera booster seems to be out of stock.. Same for Hakuouki 1st booster.
    Kichiku megane... I just do not dare to play that deck in public. I can't find their booster pack too....
  4. KuroneShizuhi
    Oh my! Finally another post! xD
    You can't find their booster pack? Which country are you from?
    I center on Hakuouki deck, but I do mix good cards from others as well
  5. illusion7
    Hi! I'm from Singapore. If i'm not wrong... Currently, the shops here does not have Hiiro no Kakera and Hakuouki 1st booster... Out of stock. Oh man~ I didn't see any Kichiku megane booster too... I'm playing a pure Lamento deck for now... I may mix some good cards of other series if i got the extra cash to buy another box of booster...
  6. KuroneShizuhi
    Oh, so everyone who posted in this thread, are from Singapore then xD
    Awesome. We should influence other countries as well

    You're talking about TCG? that's weird. I'm sure they should re-stock soon. Or we can always go crash their booth at AFA 2011 xD
  7. illusion7
    Before we influence other countries....SG player base for Alice is really too small as compared to Vanguard... lol. I just went TCG last week to ask...they do not have stock currently. I do hope they re-stock soon enough b4 i'm tempted to get Hakuouki first... lol... AFA 2011...Sigh~ I hope I can go for that event... It is held just the day of few days b4 my exams... Gosh.....
  8. KuroneShizuhi
    You're now in what level of school?
  9. illusion7
    Hmm... Uni... Lol... The studies is killing my brain cells...
  10. KuroneShizuhi
    Icic, I'm Poly final year.
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