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~This group is dedicated to the awesome pair in Durarara!! Heiwajima Shizuo X Orihaya Izaya/Orihara Izaya X Heiwajima Shizuo. (regardless of who the top or bottom is XD)
This group adores the love-hate/friendship/sexual frustration/angst between these two. ^__^

Feel free to join. ^^

This group is moderated by me, GokuderaLia and HokaHoka.

1. No bashing here. Everyone is a family. XD (even if Shizuo and Izaya are being violent with each other XD)
2. All craziness is accepted here. lol.
3. OPTIONAL: Please place a link to this social group in your signature.

Founders: GokuderaLia and HokaHoka

P.S. Positions are not applied for, they're appointed. Definitely NO asking to be a president of this club or something.

(Will add more to this description since I'm still too lazy and I'm doing lots of stuff in RL XD)

An affilitate of:
~Vongola Famiglia~

P.S. No ripping of this group, PLEASE.

(c) 2010

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