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Welcome to Ikebukuro (池袋)! If you're a Durarara!! (デュラララ!!) fan and would like to be a denizen of Ikebukuro, just PM/VM me with these details:

Denizen Name applying for:

Go check below if the denizen position you're applying for is free. There can only be ONE person for each position.

1. No bashing here. Everyone is a family. XD (even if Shizuo and Izaya are being violent with each other XD)
2. All craziness is accepted here. lol.
3. Please place a link to this social group in your signature.

Thank you!
~ Gokudera Lia (Heiwajima Shizuo)


Ryugamine Mikado (竜ヶ峰 帝人): Himmelmez
Kida Masaomi (紀田 正臣): Lore44
Sonohara Anri (園原 杏里): Bilmay
Orihara Izaya (折原 臨也): HokaHoka
Heiwajima Shizuo (平和島 静雄): GokuderaLia
Kishitani Shinra (岸谷 新羅): omi
Kadota Kyouhei (門田 京平): daysconfession
Yumasaki Walker (遊馬崎 ウォーカー): Alysia
Karisawa Erika (狩沢 絵理華): Melissa
Yagiri Seiji (矢霧 誠二): pinkbear
Yagiri Namie (矢霧 波江): Shanni
Simon Brezhnev ((サイモン・ブレジネフ): SNGAARA
Celty Sturluson (セルティ ストゥルルソン): Lenka
Tom: uniQ
Togusa Saburo (渡草 三郎):
Heiwajima Kasuka (平和島 幽): Rosette89

An affiliate of:
~Vongola Famiglia~
~Shizaya FC~

P.S. DOLLARS or not, everyone's welcome. ^__^
P.P.S. No ripping of this group, PLEASE.

(c) 2010

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