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  1. supershi222
    Introduce yourself to the pack. Describe yourself. What kind of wolf are you?? And furthermore, are you AGAINST me or WITH me. Your choice ^^ Heh Heh..
  2. supershi222
    I'm Shi, a female,dirt brown wolf with bright blue eyes and is a little short.
    I'm a im smart and valuable pack leader who loves to draw, play and be with friends!^^
  3. akikazehana
    I'm Aki, a female black and silver wolf with yellow/golden eyes and average height. Though I belong in Shi-sama's pack, I like being on my own and stroll around, always searching for new stuff and menaces and informing my comrades. But if my packs in trouble, I'm there to help with all my might.
    I love drawing, music, my friends and loooots of other stuff. And if any male wants to be my mate, he has to either accept that I stroll away from the group or come with me.
  4. RyuuchiKiyu
    o-o.....^..^ I'm a pure fluffy white wolve. I have sharp yellow eyes with a dark coal black nose. I tend to not be friendly at times and thinks I dont get along well with others. But surprisingly take orders well and have a fierce bite. I do like friends and am extremely loyal but sadly have a trust issue. For now...may I be apart of supershi's pack? Oh! And I'm Kei.
  5. TsukuyomiOkami
    Konnichiwa.............. *flicks ears* Name's Tsukuyomi Okami. I am a female, jet black wolf with blue eyes. My attitude changes (I'm sometimes considered bipolar -_-') from time to time. For instance, one day I'll be all happy and watching yaoi and what not. The next I'll try to bite you because I'm pissed off at nothing.............. (I'm weird like that 8D). Yesh, so anyways, I adore wolves and yaoi!

    OH! Another thing, I have an awesome website for all u wolf lovers! Wolfhome 2D Avatar Chat Rooms = Online Virtual World = Online Chat = Browser Based Chat
    awesomeness awaits u......0.0 ^-^
    thanks for reading!
  6. TsukuyomiOkami
    and btw......*gives shi-sama big puppy eyes* can i joinz ur pack?
    *gets dragged away by Makira (aka.my master/rapist/lover <3 i love him so much! =^-^=)
    *Makira shoves ramen in my mouth and pull the leash attached to my black, spiked collar*
    BYEZ! <3
  7. emowolf
    hi!!! *wags tail* :P
    im emowolf, and im a white wolf with bright blue eyes
    i love randomly running around and playing with friends.
    im pretty fast, so you have to be really good to win a race with me
    and i love to swim!!! nothing like taking a swim on a fullmoon night
    ah the memories......
  8. ReaperGaGa
    hii everyone!!! I'm Al.i'm snow white with warm blue/purple eyes.i'm usually very friendly and hyper , but i'm totally not a following type so i'll be forming my own pack so i'm looking forward to knew pack members.i'm a good hunter :P...i really enjoy running
  9. magdusia84
    Hihi! I just found my way here, Im magz, a black wolf, with a hint of brown on my tail and back. Ill join Shi's pack, if she'll have me. I am quiet and would rather avoid a confrontation. I'm really fast and I love hunting and teasing smaller animals.
  10. crecre
    Hey everyone! My name is Cre but please call me Aka-chan and I'm a female. I'm a gray wolf, but when it rains and my fur is wet I take on a silver shimmer. I'm hyper-active and love to get into things. I'm called Aka-chan because I have a bright red ring of fur around my right eye and red fur at the tip of my tail. I have black eyes. (With all these colors going on with my fur I think black eyes suit me.) I'm as loyal and protective as they come, and I become very ferocious when threatened. When everything's okay I like to make jokes and laugh all the time. I tease people all the time, snipping at them, flicking my tail, and what-not. I like to think I'm strong, fast, and fierce but maybe I'm exaggerating a little. Despite my usual frivolous manner I speak my mind, am a little lazy at times, and can sometimes be a little catty lol. What can I say? I'm female. Sorry for the novel guys. By the way, I'd like to join Al's/ReaperGaG's pack if it's ok. Lead me well.
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