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General Discussion: Say hello!

  1. zero11
    So there's something to do when people join!

    Introduce yourself! Tell us your favorite character in the game, your favorite pairings, how many times you've played, etc etc and so on! Just say whatever XD


    Um, to get us started, I'm zero11 and I've been playing Persona 4 on and off for the past year now lol I feel like I'm at an AA meeting or something XD "hi my name is zero11 and I'm a Personaholic."

    Anyway, on my third game now (the save file has about 250 hours on it orz). My favorite character is Kanji and my favorite pairing is Kanji/Naoto. Uuuuum, what else about me? I am completely in love with this game. Just...talking about it makes me want to play
  2. jurideluhi
    beat the game once.currently on 2ndplathru to get izanagi okami.

    I like MC x Rise very much as a pairing.im a persona game fan aswell other megami series.
  3. alonelyvalor
    Hello,I've been playing off and on since the game came out. So far I'm still on my first play through. Yes,sad I know..

    Favorite Character: Souji
    Favorite NPC: Dojima

    Uh,let's see favorite pairings. I don't know if NPC's count.
    I do like a little Souji x Daisuke fluffiness.
    And apart from that Dojima x Adachi or Dojima x "Insert Various Male Character Here" pairings.

    I really need to get more time to play
  4. Valleweather
    Hello everyone! I am Valleweather. Persona 4 was just amazing. Probably my favorite persona game.

    My favorite character is probably...Adachi or Kanji. I can't pick.

    My favorite pairing? I like Kanji/Naoto. But I also like Main/Naoto. And I also like Dojima/Adachi....

    I played the game once but I went back to my saved place and got all the endings. I guess that's cheating but...yea. I plan on going back through it to get more social links.
  5. yaoiguy
    Hi!!! Persona 4 is probably my favorite game! Persona 3 a close second.

    Uh, here is a small list of some my favorite pairings:

    Souji x Yosuke
    Souji x Naoto (I wish Naoto was a boy)
    Souji x Teddy (When he isn't a bear)

    I like more but I feel like those are my favorite.

    I guess I could go Souji x Kou

    Souji x Kou x Daisuke

    Why not have a little three way action?
  6. 4b1
    Hi ^^

    I still play this game, lately I don't have time to end it
    my fav characters are MC (Souji), Yosuke and Naoto *I wish she was a boy T.T*

    Pairing - MC x Yosuke or Yosuke x MC

    I really like the game, but Persona 3 was great too ^^
  7. Chesirez
    Hiya! o3o

    I love atlus' games.. I've played all the games they have released to EU.
    Persona 4 is one of my favorite games and have played it through dozens of times.
    Favorite character/s is probably Yosuke (*A*) He is cool and a total hottie. One of the reasons I fell in love with him was because of his Japanese seiyuu, Showtaro Morikubo XD I also love Souji, Teddy, Adachi, Kanji and Kou. Favorite girl character is Chie.

    Pairings I love are
    YosukexSouji (I love to see MC as uke 8D)
    AdachixSouji ( This is some kind of alien pairing idea of mine XD I've always thought that this couple would be interesting )

    Seriously I prefer Souji as the uke XDD Dunno why.
  8. Kazemaru
    I've been interested in this game for ages, and finally got myself a PS2 and a copy of the game, so I've been playing it slowly.

    My favorite pairing so far is Souji x Yosuke. xD Yosuke is adorable.
  9. sbttw2003
    Hi I've been interested in this game series for ages I've beaten Persona 3 and I am in December in Persona 4 I'd have to say my favorite pairs are...
    Teddy (not bear form) and the MC
    Dojima and (Insert Random Male Character)
  10. sleepynickz
    Yoh =3 Umm... As you can see, my screen name here is sleepynickz, just call me nick/nickz
    I'm still on my first playthrough [Umm.. On Rise's dungeon] and I can't continue the game as long as my lil bro is here xD
    My favourite chars are MC, Kanji [cuz he's kind of stupid xD], Naoto [she's sorta cute], Yosuke [I dunno why I love him xD], Adachi, and Dojima.
    My favourite pairings:
    MC x Yosuke
    MC x Naoto
    Kanji x Naoto
    Adachi x Dojima
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