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Woooot!!!! First post!

  1. seximonki1989
    So ladies (and gents?)... let's all talk about our fav Saiyuki sexy moments of sex-ness!
  2. Kuro_Death13
    Wow, thought nobody would join for sure. . .
    But, do love Hakkai and Gojyo together (Kenren and Tenpou too)
  3. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    I can't wait to get my hands on the fourth volume of the manga cause I really wanna know what happens next. Anyone else agree Gojun is one smexy dragon? I also love KenrenXTenpou and one of my favorite Saiyuki fan fics threw Konzen in with them for a threesome in a hot tub. *Drool*
  4. kinsugi
    Oh, my. I'm finally participating actively on Aarin for the first time, and I just took many hours today to find images from Saiyuki Gaiden and upload them so I could participate in a contest which was suddenly closed a little while ago, one day early.

    I had been so excited to have a chance to suggest this hot Gaiden OTP/occasional OT3 as new bishie cards, and now I'm upset and feeling lost! Please tell me... How can I suggest these characters be considered for new cards? Is there a forum for this?

    Who? you ask? Kenren and Tenpou, of course, with an occasional dash of Goujun!

    I apologize for not participating sooner. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  5. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    Hey kinsugi I'm glad you found this social group too. I posted a link for you in the Saiyuki Social group. PM me if you need any other help. I'll try my best.
  6. spreet
    I'm glad someone invited me to this social group ^_^ Thanks!
  7. Little White Dragon
    Little White Dragon
    Just posted some new Gaiden pictures from the Gaiden OVA. I don't know much about it so if anyone has heard or seen anything about it please share.
  8. kinsugi
    This group is moribund, but I'm posting in case anyone sees it. We've been making new cards for Saiyuki characters. From Gaiden, just added Kenren Taisho and Tenpou Gensui at L9. We also have Konzen Douji L5 and more are coming!
  9. Cteel
    I just finished Gaiden today and I was in tears at the end, it was so sad and touching that I want to go back and read Saiyuki again to reassure myself like 'see? they reincarnated, dont be so sad'. I know Im crazy, but really, I hated how Kenren and Tenpou died. Though I Loved the thing of using the statues of Dumbo and Colonel Sanders and blowing them up XD, so bad. And the thoughts that were going through Tenpous head in that last fight of his, so nonchalant. Just like him! And yes it was full of sexiness! Gotta love these guys!
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