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Welcome ^^

  1. Kuro_Death13
    Hope people join this group for sure. Besides, who hates pocky? It's so good to eat and all the choices to pick from. . . yummy!
  2. naedeany
    Pocky! Pocky! Pocky!

    I mean... glad I joined already!
  3. Kuro_Death13
    Yay! Thanks for joining!
  4. naedeany
    I was slow moving today but now I'm thinking I'm going to go get some Pocky!
    Pocky Grin!
  5. SakuraKatana
    I was so happy when I found out FYE by my house sells Pocky. Now I don't have to take a 45 minute trip into the city!
  6. Ameko
    Strawberry is my favorite! But unfortunately for me, I live in such a small town where we only have chocolate... oh well...
    Actually, this only motivates me to learn how to make homemade pocky.
    Think about it gang- all the different flavors and textures to experiment with! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!
  7. gravitation
    i saw your gruop and i couldn´t resist. my first connection was with gravitation they had strawberry pocky´s later in a shop in berlin i saw them that the sell them too but the hadn´t it in that moment and let them order i just eat one stick and i loved them so much that i orderd again yummy........
  8. Taekeru
    Hellllo! I know this group hasn't been active since.. um.. March! But I thought I'd join anyway ~wheee!@~
    I like pocky, it's soooo good, and right now I have strawberry pocky!
  9. gravitation
    @taekeru did you ever try also other flavors?
  10. Taekeru
    Yes! Chocolate! Unfortunatly though, those are the only accessable flavors we have around here >_>;
    I liked the strawberry much more than the chocolate though lol
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