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  1. naedeany
    tomarrow going to get chocolate pocky for shure!tomarrow...good night,
    I love you pocky
  2. gravitation
    i will try to get some pockys on the next con some strawberry and maybe i find other flavors too
  3. Taekeru
    I've got strawberry pocky finnally again (I had eaten it all) it's sitting on my fridge :3
  4. naedeany
    pocky is on tomarrows to do list!
    I can make it to the store...i just know i can
  5. ManyVoices
    Hello everyone. I LOVE Pocky!! Was thrilled to see this group dedicated to POCKY!!! Living in the USA I don't get many kinds to choose from so I travel a couple hours when I need to restock. And I haven't met a flavor I didn't like! I hear there is Blueberry? Never tried it but looking forward to when I get the chance.
  6. Red_Devil
    I like strawberry pocky too
    I never really knew about pocky until I started reading Gravitation so after I found out, my family and I have been looking for one in any asian supermarkets (Very easy to find and short to drive to from where I live)
  7. naedeany
    get tin' some more Pocky tomorrow love this place!happy Pocky holidays!
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