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dirty habbits

  1. Everdark
    I know this is a very... wrong topic but I am curios to find out what other peoples "habbits" are. What do you do that you don't like telling other people other than your partner?
  2. ColdFury
    U tell me urs and ill tell u mine
  3. Everdark
    well.... umm... I don't know if you could call this a dirty habit but I love guys with long hair. It's like my thing. Hmmm..... now a habit....I enjoy a little rough play I guess but I haven't really had an opportunity to develop anything else
  4. ColdFury
    I love it when people nibble on my ears. And as a Habit well i love to tease my partner alot before anything really sexual actually happens. like whispering in their ears, softly bitting there lower lip as out kisses part.
  5. Everdark
    that sounds like something I would enjoy. =)
  6. KuroneShizuhi
    I love guys with long hair too, but many people know that :3
  7. madam same
    madam same
    mh...sometimes i like bite my lover with my teeth and i also like the thought that i could possess my partner (even if i don't do it phisically :3)
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