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If you had to name your Dark Side, what would it be.

  1. ColdFury
    If you and your darker side were split into two different people what would u call him/her.
    I would call my Darker side Paul Phoenix. ive always like the name Paul and i think Paul is like a Phoenix, no matter how may times u kill him he will come back.
  2. Everdark
    I think I would call my dark side Eve Sinclair. Don't really know why but it somehow fits it.
  3. ColdFury
    Sinclair i like it. sounds kinda sexy
  4. Everdark
    thanks. I think it does too.
  5. ColdFury
    so should i start calling u Eve or EverDark
  6. Everdark
    You can call me Eve if you want. It is a lot shorter than everdark. Can I start calling you Paul?
  7. ColdFury
    If u would like to, Eve, u may
  8. mermydgurl
    My darker side already has a name, Wynter Xavia. And she's as cold as her name.
  9. kaminx
    My darker side is named NiteDeathAngel...it has always been called that...
  10. Cteel
    I simply call my dark half "the Demon Seductress", she's the half of me that wants to glomp on hotties without permission and wants to attack my old crush, lol,...she's a really bad girl!
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