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My evil side

  1. sapphireleo
    Well minus the sexual other than if I were a male, all gay male inside maybe, (str8 as a grl) (haha seme though with them all gay uke boys ) but yeah my dark side is my aggression, especially toward my mother, I don't get along with her at all, and normally I'm okay with ev ery one else but she brings out all of my hatred and rage for some reason 0_o idk... *sigh* - -, where as usually people seem to think I'm this kinda pure entity, probably from my operatic singing, if they heard me, or my small build, at 5'3 and friendly demeanour, but I think I may have multiple sides, all real though, (and I can even adapt it to any situation using psychology to sway any situation in my favour) does that make me an egoist...? 0_o
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