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BBC Sherlock

  1. Haaatehx
    Is anyone else in love with the Sherlock series that was Aired on BBC in July? (England) If you're currently living in the US are you excited for the release in October? Share your thoughts :3

    I'm currently in love with it XD
  2. Saiyuki_Eiri
    ME!!! I'm in love!!! (I shouldn't because I'm from Mexico and well...is not gonna be very soon here xD) But the adaptation is amazing! I loved specially since the "Wrong" texting xD!! And Watson and the non-lame thing.
  3. amelie1000pl
    I AM<3 i can't wait until the second season comes
  4. Haaatehx
    The second series is already being filmed
  5. H-heavn
    I just love this series !! It was recently aired in France too, so I was able to watch it. The adaptation is very well done, I just love the two main characters in this, they're pretty charming .

    I'm looking forward the second season !
  6. noan47
    I'm in love too! The concept is clever and, darkmoonoo is right, they're really pretty charming ^^!!
  7. Tryingtobehave
    I love it!!! The 2nd season will come from Tv in Finland this summer....can't wait! it's been ages since the 1st season
  8. taroschain
    Just finished season 2 and can't wait for more!
  9. IchiIshi724
    It was only recently that I actually got into the BBC version and usually I'm not for modernizing classic literature but 'Sherlock' seriously blew me away. I was already into the books and I love, love, loved the Guy Ritchie adaption but this...I don't think I can properly express how much this...increases my love for Sherlock Holmes. Benedict Cumberbatch just blows me away with his portrayal of Holmes and Martin Freeman makes such an excellent Watson. I can't help but let my fangirl tendencies shine when I watch an episode. I mean the chemistry between the two is just so apparent. From those silly moments where they can just laugh together and then those more heartfelt ones where one is so obviously worried about the other - It's not hard to picture these two in a more romantic relationship yet it doesn't alienate those who aren't into BL. I was kind of worried that the directors would be compelled to throw in tons of modern appliances and phrases but really besides the basic things that we use day to day (i.e. Cell phone, laptops, cars) the fact that it's set in the 21st century isn't shoved in your face. Holmes' deductions continue to ring true throughout the show and that is what I have always appreciated. I'd like to hear others thoughts on this.
  10. Roya60
    I absolutely Love it!!! both of the main characters are so cool!!! I wasn't be able to watch the last season & I really looking forward to it!
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