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:: Movie Review -- What was your take on it?::

  1. nangokuparadise
    Hello fellow SH fans!
    How are you guys doing today? I'm so glad to see people actually joining this group!

    So another discussion topic today! For those who saw the movie, what was your take on the 2009 film "Sherlock Holmes" starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law?

    Though where I am right now, I can't see it til' March, I'd like to hear some opinions and how you enjoyed/disliked the film.

    Any comparisons you could make with the book? (if you have any)

    and also, anyone who finds pics SH-related would be great!
    the more pics the better
  2. GokuderaLia
    ~ You won't see it 'till March?? That's sad. DDD;
    Anyway, I have a lot to say about the movie.
    Waaaaaay before the movie, I've always been a shipper of HolmesXWatson. My parents are Sherlockians thus they inherited me that trait.
    Well, the movie has an original script (meaning the story can't be found in the book) but I can safely say that it's VERY similar to the book. The characters, the setting the humor, etc.
    That's what's great about Guy Ritchie.. He made something original and yet he still remained loyal to the book. ^__^
    Oh, I'm a member of Holmes-Watson slash in DA. If you would like to see some pictures, I can share some.
  3. nangokuparadise
    Oh wow that's great to hear! Now I'm super excited to see the movie!!
    I liked Sherlock Holmes before the movie but not enough to actual read the story itself <--fail.
    I got into from reading a doujinshi based on the novels though. So I nearly flipped out when my all time favourite actor was starring in an SH movie when I had just finished reading the doujinshi for it.

    ohhh and you're in a Sherlock DA? Yeah pictures would be GREAT!!
    Thank you!
  4. FishcaekChan
    I already loved Detectives, and the last movie was amazing so I thought, what the heck!
    I was surprised by the yaoi EVERYWHERE in EVERY scene; a treat!!
    At first I thought, "omg these men are being so gay, lmao what is this..??"
    But then...It got cute..and sweet..and lovely...And I loved it...;~;♥
    Beside the yaoi though the story was amazing and the plot was incredible!!
    The action scenes were out of this world and it was just too too good~~*0*//
  5. Dataxia
    I loved the first one, though i think the second was a bit confusing at first. Gradually as you continue onto the film the plotline gets better and easier to understand. I just think you have to get used to the tempo and the language. I Speak English but the English used in the films were new to me so it took a while to fully understand everything.

    <3 I love the BL in the second film. I think it was much more apparent than the first.
  6. walker
    Usually the first movies are the best! I always enjoy Sherlocks sarcastic humor and his fighting technique (Also in the first movie when he was shirtless... EYE CANDY ANYONE??). XD The second movie was a mix of comedy, action, and a lot of heart stopping almost deaths. Anyways did anyone else catch Sherlock muttering about evil ponies trying to kill him? Me and my friend were laughing so hard everyone was staring at us. Not to many people caught what he said but we did! XDDDD
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