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::Sherlock Holmes discussion -- how did you get into it?::

  1. nangokuparadise
    Okay just to start off (and hope that more people will join...haha):

    I want to ask how those of you who joined this group how you got into Sherlock Holmes.
    I assume most of you developed interest through the 2009 version of Sherlock Holmes the movie.

    I got into it through an artist on the Y!Gallery and my favourite actor is Robert Downey Jr....so the combination worked out really well and I got into the fandom.

    Ironically, I haven't seen the movie yet.
  2. tightgrip
    I only read "The hound of the Baskervilles" about 10 years ago or so (long time). I still need to read more of the Sherlock Holmes novels, but there were a few parts in that one I enjoyed re-reading over and over.
    Too bad Holmes doesn't appear much.
    The film with Robert Downey Jr was a fun representation of the characters, and the streets of London were unrecognizable.
  3. GokuderaLia
    ~I searched high and low for a Holmes social group. Finally.

    True-blooded Sherlockian here.
  4. UmeTheNinja
    The movie ooooof jude law XD

    I watched it with two of my male friends and throughout the film there were back and forth whispers of "He's so gay for watson."...then came the belt scene...ooooh damn
  5. GokuderaLia
    ~HAHA. XD The belt scene was just sooooooo gay. XD
  6. Wandhappy
    You're correct in assuming that I picked it up from the 2009 movie!

    Throughout the entire film I was thinking "Yep, they're gay. They have to be. I'm so googling this when I get home."
  7. Dataxia
    I love both movies, not for the BL but the mystery. I wasn't much of a Sherlock Holmes fan(still not one, really) but I am a fan o the movies. I love the intrigue, the action, the slow motion thought process, the badassness of Watson, and of course the cute dog. The BL i see there is a jut a bonus for the awesome movie series.

    I have read some of Sherlock Holmes, but never got into them much. Though, now I think I'll have to write a fan fiction about HolmesxWatson, so I better read up on everything.
  8. noan47
    I fell into when I was a little girl. The Baskerville Hound is the first real book I read. I was 8. I fell in love with Sherlock Holmes and I still love him. I read all the book, except the last book " The house of silk", I saw the both Tv series (89 and BBC) and the film with Robert Downey Jr!! My favorite Sherlock is Benedict Cumberbatch. I really like the idea of an actual Sherlock!!
  9. freekmijnliefje
    I started off reading the books as a pre-teenager. I was into lots of non-teenager books as a kid. Right after I finished both complete volumes of Sherlock Holmes I read "Picture of Dorian Gray" and I guess both concepts melted together and I got a weird interpretation when I looked back at those two books. Like they started melting together sort of.... which is weird, I admit. But years later when I got heavily into Yaoi and BL I "rediscovered" my love for Sherlock and Watson. But in a totally new way.
  10. Roya60
    I am a fan of the Sherlock Holmes novels. I read them since I was 13! I love Sherlock. I became so happy when I realized the movie. I really love it! and also the series are very interesting. I enjoy it when I watch the movie while I know the story!!!
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