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Introductions =) yourself and how you got to know the one and only

  1. HNCS
    first thanks for creating this social group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been thinking of creating an adam lambert group since like for ages, but always pulled out at the last minute....

    but yes so i'm from australia and first knew about adam from the AMA thing, caught it in the news. and being ..well.. a yaoi fan i was SUPER excited that someone was finally putting male-on-male sexuality into music. so it was instant . i didn't really get into the music or vocals at that point.. i know shallow me.... and the ama's wasn't that good of a vocal performance. but you know from then on you just start googling and youtubing...and you erm.. well get to know the talented talented adam lambert. then i started watching interviews like CRAZY and really got to know the extremely intelligent Adam.

    SO YAY!
  2. Mahiru
    Yep, I was surprised that no one had an Adam Lambert group on Aarin when I checked 2 days ago xD I was like WHAAT? No social group for this sexxyyyy uberlicously glamorous and wonderful new addition to the music industry!? Haha and yep, that's how I came to make it. Although I really have no idea how to manage it yet xD

    Thank you HNCS for making all those other wonderful threads! =D

    Shame shame shameeee on me for not watching AI season 8 >O! I only got a few peaks during the top 13-> finalists. I did see some Adam Lambert performances like Ring of Fire and there was another one but I don't remember it now. I am re-watching the S8 now though =D Just for him!

    Love what he's done so far, can't wait to see what he'll do next! x3
  3. Delques
    I first found him on Youtube after his 'Satisfaction', and I got hooked~ <3

    I didn't really follow AI, but I do go look for his performance on Youtube :3

    The AMA thing was just... Wow. It took me forever to find a link for it cause of all the copyright and stuff and youtube taking it down, but I gotta say that I loved EVERY moment of it. It's just as Kara said in an interview, Adam's all about the WOW factor. Never expect the expected from him, cause he will ALWAYS come up with the unexpected, and that's what makes him so special!
  4. vizard light
    vizard light
    I live, eat and Breath Adam Lambert
    I just finished reading Adommy fiction
  5. HNCS
    ohhhh and they're both on vacation!!!!
    Hi im romy and im from mexico and i first knew him in american idol auditions, i totally got in luv wit him and whn i found out that he was gay ll tn i was evn more excited, i love gay boys and of curz yaoiii !!!!!! Luv itttt, im a truly fan of himm luv adamm!!! Til the endd
  7. Mahiru
    Hello romy! Yeee we're growing xD
  8. Gatoneko
    I was looking at groups to join and I saw my loves, Adam Lambert, group and I just had to join!! xP i was like ZMG JOIN NAOOOOOO
  9. Mahiru
    Omg I feel so bad x.x I don't recall how I got into Adam Lambert anymore I'm thinking it was because I found out he was a gay artist and started checking him out and then falling in love with his style or something but I just can't recall! D; I know it was before AMA cause I watched that just to see him (and sure glad I did). AHHH =0=
  10. Aeli
    i first heard of him when i was on youtube, i was looking up some yaoi amv's and i found one with his song fever and i've been listening to him since
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