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  1. Bilmay
    I just thought of making a new group here .. I only just started watching Durarara, and I'm already a big fan the anime is just so cute that I'm loving every bits of it
    *sending out Shizuo x Izaya love*
  2. Australienfan
    Hey Bilmay

    I also thought of a Durarara! Group...but you beat me to it
    So, of course I join!
    I love this anime *goesforIzayaxMikado*
  3. mito
    same here :'D

    *also supports Shizuo x Izaya *
    I cannot wait for the first doujins *^*
  4. Akiru chan
    Akiru chan
    Thank god this exists! I have been obsessing over this series since I first started watching it!

    Shizuo/Izaya is pure love... and I surely can't wait for the first doujinshis either! <3
  5. Melissa
    I'm already hooked on this series and I just started today! <333
  6. Lali
    Lol, I'm actually about to go watch the first ep now. Waiting for it to load~ :3
    A person on DA did a Durarara meme and she obsessed over Izaya which made me curious about him..especially after I saw the clip with him stomping on the cellphone.. xD;;
  7. Bilmay
    especially after I saw the clip with him stomping on the cellphone.. xD;;
    LOL that was the best part so far xDD aside from Shizou throwing a vending machine on Izaya's head
  8. Lenka
    shizu throws garbage can I suppose and the man in black doesn't injured at all

    can't wait for the doujins to come go shizuo x izaya
  9. LyxasAzuri
    I love this anime! I started watching this starting from when the second episode was translated.
  10. Asmos
    Everyone into Shizuo x Izaya OO"
    Me too "

    But I love Mikado x Kida too <33
    Mikado is the kind of guy I would like in RL, altough he is some years to young t_t
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