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PC or Xbox?

  1. muse927
    It's a need to know question. =D
  2. MiloWindby
    I don't own any of the games... yet, I have played my friends one though.
    I think when I do get one of them I will be going for the PC ver. as I am getting a bit annoyed with xbox live.
  3. muse927
    PC is what I have it for, and it's amazing! =3
    I Couldn't imagine playing any FPS with a controller. Dx
  4. XxPervyCrowxX

    I play LFD on the xbox and online there is amazing!
    (Granted I think the PS3 is WAY better,hands down)
    Whooo~! the birth of a new group!-Lets do our best
  5. MiloWindby
    Lets put it this way...
    If two people live together and want to play xbox live... they need to pay for both, and not one. Ver. the PS3/Wii and thats a bit annoying as both are free. So thats 100 bucks a year... which is kind of ok, however they have plans on increasing the price to 100 bucks a year... which would make it 200 bucks a year for both accounts. (By the way, I put both together as I live with my boyfriend and he deals with all the money)
    On top of this, I am also annoyed with M$, who went and sold Halo: ODST with all of the map packs that have been released... Now ok, from the point of view of some one who has not played halo 3, and would like to this is an awesome buy.
    For me, who already Has them... not so much... not going to spend the 30 extra bucks on something that should be about 30 bucks and not 60...
    so yeah... thats why I am annoyed.
  6. XxPervyCrowxX
    Fair enough *nods*
    I don't much care for XBOX myself(actually it isn't even mine....)
    But LEFT FOR DEAD on the game console.....is something else.....especially when I play with all my friends and -annoyingly- cousins...
    Actually,thinking about it, left for dead is the only game I have ever played on that thing.....
    But yeah I agree that the xbox itself-SUCKS!
    you can't even put AMV'S on Xbox!
    I greatly prefer the ps3 better.......
    I have never played LFD on PC-Is it better?
    I saw it and the graphics just don't look the same to me....
  7. muse927
    I personally would say L4D for the PC is better.
    1)Steam auto updates your games for you, so you never have to sit, download, and wait for your updates to install.
    2)Depending on the computer you're running the game on the graphics could be amazing.
  8. XxPervyCrowxX

    Don't confuse this coversation with your FACTS!

    Lol jk....alright,alright....ya won me over!Guess I'll check out the PC left for dead.....good thing this Xbox isn't mine!

    Where would one go to download it?

  9. muse927
    Welcome to Steam
    Or more directly:
    Steam Search
    click and buy XD

    and im sorry i had to insert my facts... It won't happen again. <<;
  10. XxPervyCrowxX
    Ooooooh-Thank you~!

    It better not......
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