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PC or Xbox?

  1. MiloWindby
    But yeah I agree that the xbox itself-SUCKS! ~ XxPervyCrowxX
    No no no, Xbox Itself is awesome, I have had it since release date... had one red ring od death, got it fixed by the company and returned early and have had a ton of fun with it.
    I am referring to the online service, Xbox Live that sucks... not the console *huggles his 360*
  2. XxPervyCrowxX
    Beause I have heard nothing but negative stufff about the xbox from the gameplay to the avatar options.....And I would like to hear your logic.
    What is great about the xbox 360?
    What's so great about the PC?
    So tell your opinons....
  3. MiloWindby
    Every once in a while I will play a game on the PC... but it has to be a good game, such as Ghostbusters or Psychonauts. Other then that I tend to use the PC for social activities.
    The 360 on the other hand... well first off... I would like to say that I am not really a Fan boy (Which was not said anywhere as of yet) of the 360, and I can in fact agree that it has its flaws, in fact I think anything will have a set of flaws as well as things that make it good.
    Anyways... The avatar system is Interesting, however this is where my dislike for xbox live comes in, anything I want to use for my avatar is now inside a mall of sorts, where I have to use real money on fake clothes for a fake avatar. But thankfully they did release stuff for free before this whole buy it now thing happened. So I can still in fact have an awesome elf boy for my avatar who I have called Ruaro.
    Second, the game selection is awesome. Halo series (Big Halo fan boy, but don't worry... I can also make fun of Halo as well ^_^ ) Fable (I liked this series) and other games that are not exclusive but I still liked better on the xbox.
    Of course, there are also things I do like about xbox live, being able to rent a movie, the games from the old xbox as downloadable and arcade games.
    All in all I have had an awesome time with my xbox and love it. Perhaps at some point they will take the hint and make playing online free... if thats the only thing they do I would be happy.
  4. muse927
    So I tried playing l4d2 on my 55 inch screen tv and an xbox controller... and it was effing IMPOSSIBLE lol I have no idea how you people to it! The controllers.... jesus.. to much going on. The aiming system is outrageous to work with. It's just.... wow... You xbox ppl must have some patience for these things. I wanted to throw everything off my balcony. Dx
    5 Reasons You Still Need a Gaming PC - 5 Reasons You Still Need a Gaming PC - Yahoo! Games
    ^ read that lol
  5. MiloWindby
    Well, to be honest the control system is like most of the genre of shooting games that have come out since the ps2, or most of them anyways. Left stick for moving forward and backwards and strafing and then the right to look up and down and turn left and right. I guess for anyone who has been playing with this set up for a while its easy, but for the pc players its a bit hard.
    A friend of mine plays mostly PC and even says that trying to play a FPS on console is a bit annoying...
    also I always played inverted, but after playing a long time on GTA4 with out inverted controls I now seem to cant play with inverted controls... odd eh?
    In the end though, since a game is suppose to be fun, it just boils down to what you feel works better. I like both PC and console FPS but thats me being odd I think.
  6. muse927
    I think given time...maybe some more patience... and a less demanding game, I could learn the controls. It would just take, forever and I would just be so angry the whole time lol
    I used to play stuff on the ps2 but its completely different. Dx
  7. MiloWindby
    And of course, playing games is to have fun in the first place =)
    Then again, playing games like No More Heros either makes me happy or pissed off... depending on the boss I fight o_O
  8. XxPervyCrowxX
    It's hard to use the controller?Really? O__O
    then again I failed epically in the beginning when I tried to use it.....now i'm just one well trained machine when using it.....;D
    I just find I hate using the keys on the PC when I play games...=3=
    Honestly I think the 360 is way more satisfying(though not practical) I just love the feel of the controller in my hand....I get off on the buttons alone~ ;D
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