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Fez are cool

  1. maiku
    Alright, so i'm assuming everyone saw the finale of season 5. I'm not sure I have laughed or cried so much in my life! But besides that, does anyone else feel the urge to:

    1. Buy a fez (because, as the doctor said it, "Fez are cool.")

    2. Always bring a banana to a party (though, he has done that all through the series)


    3. Learn that dance he was doing at Amy's wedding (admit it, you want to learn it too)

    Just curious, because I definitely want to do all 3. I'm going to show up to parties now and dance exactly like he did at that wedding, WITH a banana in my hand. Brilliant! I was so upset when they destroyed his fez.. but not to worry! I'll carry on the tradition for you Doctor! No i'm not crazy, just enthusiastic
  2. spirited_soul
    I loved the last ep Big Bang 2 as well XD

    For me the best parts were him jumping all over with the Vortex Manipulator, the destruction of the Fez (it had to go) and the end when he showed up in that gorgeous tux
  3. maiku
    Aww no.. I loved the fez! hehe but the tux was a wonderful look I must admit
  4. FujoshiFTW
    Moffat said the fez had to go since if it didn't then the Doctor would be forever wearing it. And that Matt would probably be doing exactly the same. Sometimes I find it rather hard to tell if Matt is acting as the Doctor or not, since his natural personality is wild and random. Like the Doctor's.
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