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Warm WELCOME to all Shounen Jump readers~!

Do you like any Shounen Jump series? Then join and claim your favourite character, pairing, series etc.

RULES (please read them carefully before claiming)
You can claim your favourite Shounen Jump characters here (up to 5 characters per person from different manga, you can't claim 2 characters from the same manga!!!) from ANY series running in Shounen Jump (doesn't matter if it's Weekly Shounen Jump or Jump Square, as long as it's Jump, it's ok ;P). Aaand it also doesn't matter if the manga is on-going or finished.

1 character can be claimed by 3 ppl!!

Please claim your fav characters in 'Claim here!' thread using the form below:
Chara name:
Manga she/he's from:

Before claiming please check CLAIMS LIST if the character is still free for claiming!

Useful links:
Shounen Jump OHP

List of series run in Weekly Shōnen Jump

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