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  1. Zxien
    So yeh, the Na'vi are cat people, raise your hand if you realised this while watching the movie!
  2. anime_maniac
    I totally agree ! With their eyes , tail , moves .. everything about them is cat ..!
  3. Zxien
    I know...okay they're 10 feet tall and generally huge...but I would totally love to have one...or be one.

    There is just so much you can do with a tail!
  4. Nightmarez
    YES!! As soon as I saw them I was like "OMG KITTY!!"
    The absolute win that is Avatar began right there.
  5. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    CAT PEOPLE!!! OMG I am so going to have to tell that to all the snooty academics who are up in arms over the whole "Native peoples = monkeys with tails" shebang
  6. Zxien
    lol monkeys...its the face that gives it away...the nose structure and the ears...if only they had whiskers *sigh* lol
  7. Tetsu
    SALDY it took me a while till finally hit me OHHHHH,cats!
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