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Faverite BL Manga

  1. DiabloAngel
    I am trying to find some realy good Manga here in the us. Unfortunately I am stuck in the bible belt of the U.S. and can not find a good store to buy it in. What can you recomend for me to buy over the web. Please include a descirpt.
  2. Tenjou
    It's hard to recommend a good manga since I prefer to search for a favorite author.... for example I like Naono Bohra's works, Yamane Ayano and a few others....
  3. Tenjou
    But I could recommend you to register on Manga Traders - Free Manga Downloads or to search for manga here on aarin...
  4. sio chan
    sio chan
    Hello well some of my favourites are:
    Fake: first every shonen ai/ yaoi manga I ever bought I still love it now Story about two new york cops one of whom is bisexual and utterly in love with his partner and the other is confused by the come on's and how he feels about it all this is a really sweet story and the last volume is when they finally have sex after declaring there love for one another *squee*
    Only the Ring Finger Knows: based on a series of yaoi books of the same name this manga version is sex free but really adorable and the art work is gorgeous! Story about two teenagers in school falling in love for the first time with one another and the kissing scene in the park is nice and cute!
    Love Mode: I love this series of books but bear in mind this IS very graphic sexually! Story about the lifes and loves of people connected to a male escort service Boy Blue the main characters are The Owner and an orphaned teen he takes into his home to look after, The owners brother and his (male) house keeper, The number 1 uke in the club, no. 2 uke in the club, no.1 and 2 semes in the club and their loves and the first story is about a customer who mistakes his escort for a teen on the street which leads to varoius misunderstandings and true love But I cannot stress enough this is very sexually graphic and there a few scenes that involve rape but if you can deal with that then this is a worth while addition to any yoai fan's collection
    Yellow: Story about 'drug snatchers' who work together one of whom is gay and the other straight ... or is he? :P This is also sort of graphic but is also really well drawn and has an interesting story line going on behind it.
    I do have other recommendations but see how you get one with these first if you like the sound of them and let me know if you like them or not if you do read them!
  5. HurricaneAlchemist
    I second Yellow and Only The Ring Finger Knows. ^^

    I also suggest Junjou Romantica, Loveless, Crimson Spell, Antique Bakery, Invisible Boy, View Finder, Our Kingdom, Sex Pistols, and Princess Princess.

    As for slashable...xxxHolic, Cain Saga, Ouran High School Host Club, Kuroshitsuji, and Vampire Knight. ^^

    I hope I helped! If not...I'm sorry? ^^'
  6. DiabloAngel
    thank you all, will try your seggestions, any others people can think of are wellcome. Once again thankyou.
  7. EvilMusubi
    I have to agree Junjou Romantica Ouran High School Host Club I didn't read Antique Bakery but I liked the movie
  8. sio chan
    sio chan
    Antique Bakery is a movie? Really? Does anyone know where I can find it??? *pleasepleaseplease*
  9. ZoeSazuma
    I agree with Junjou Romantica, Our Kingdom, and Only the Ring Finger Knows...and you can buy them of amazon.com or any website that sells books
  10. ZoeSazuma
    I agree with Junjou Romantica, Our Kingdom, and Only the Ring Finger Knows...and you can buy them of amazon.com or any website that sells books
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