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  1. yamane
    Aah, it's been a while everyone! It's a new year, and a new year means a new term in uni, and a new term in uni means new subjects, and new subjects means new papers *sigh*. Even with all the work I have to do, I still fins time to enjoy yaoi, and lately, I've been reading Vassalord, Yume Musubi Koi Musubi, Sono Te no Netsu wo Kasanete, and Ze. They're all great, love the art and plot. You guys should give it a shot if you haven't read it yet~.
  2. Yin01
    I agree that Junjou Romantica and Antique Bakery are a couple of great recommendations, but I want to add a couple fresh titles that I didn't see listed before.

    The first is strictly yaoi, and may even be considered hard core, depending on your tastes. I found it to be a great read, and I'm pretty picky. Anyway, on we go.

    Koisuru Boukun (The Tyrant Falls in Love) by Hinako Takanaga
    The story picks up on Morinaga and Souichi's story where Challengers left off. Tetsuhiro Morinaga is a university student with a long-standing crush on Souichi Tatsumi, a senpai he assists with his research projects. In Challengers, Morinaga confessed his love to Souichi, who was shocked and repulsed. Morinaga thought about transferring schools, but Souichi, who is otherwise-friendless and emotionally dependent on Morinaga, insists that Morinaga stay and that they continue as friends without mentioning the incident again, leaving Morinaga convinced that his feelings will never be reciprocated.

    At the start of The Tyrant Falls in Love, in 2004, Tomoe and Kurokawa had just moved to California for Tomoe's new job and Souichi hears that California has justlegalized gay marriage. Souichi furiously calls Tomoe to tell him he shouldn't get any ideas about getting married but Tomoe hadn't heard about it at all since he had been busy working so Souichi's call did the exact opposite of what he wanted it to do and Kurokawa and Tomoe run off to get married. Souichi runs around yelling that he's going to go to America and kill Kurokawa and get a green card so he can become the Governor of California to re-ban gay marriage. Morinaga convinces him to calm down and drink with him instead and so he goes Morinaga's apartment to drown his sorrows, during which he accidentally finds and unwittingly drinks an aphrodisiac Morinaga has been given by his friend and hidden; not-entirely-consensual sex ensues. This results in a dysfunctional, mutually-abusive relationship which develops slowly into a romance over the course of the series.

    The second recommendation is more slice-of-life, shounen-ai until the last volume in which the relationship is mutually accepted and then the yaoi genre is earned. Very good plot developement, and character development.

    Shout Out Loud by Satosumi Takaguchi
    The story revolves around Shino Hisae, a thirty-five year old yaoi anime voice actor, who despite his age still looks like a teenager. Due to his looks, he is often subject to advances from his fellow co-workers Tenryu-san and Mizusawa-kun. Not only does he have to deal with these advances but also has drama and tension at home with his seventeen-year-old son Hisae Nakaya who also is just discovering his homosexuality.
  3. OtherRomance
    Thank you sio chan and Hurricane Alchemist. Since both of you recommended "Only the Ring Finger Knows", I will read that. What is the story of Invisible Boy?
    Slashable fics definitely Xxxholic (Doumeki x Watanuki), Vampire Knight (Zero x Kaname) and Kuroshitsuji (Seba x Ciel)
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