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Faverite BL Manga

  1. AerisDied
    i recommend artists like yamato nase, naono bohra, yoneda kou, suzuki tsuta, etc.
    manga wise to buy at borders or barnes n noble or something:

    yaoi: junjou romantica, yellow, lovers in the night or gerald to jacques, future lovers, love pistols, etc.

    shounen ai: princess princess, loveless, fake (so old), gravitation (just stupid), etc.

    slashable: ouran high school host club, maybe naruto (jk, maybe...), kuroshitsuji (even though it made me mad), nabari no ou (even though i hate the main...), etc.
  2. ExoticChocolat
    Love Recipe is adorable, it is about the manga industry. the relationship between a new young editor and a manga artist who writes for a yaoi magazine under a female pen name... Its hella funny and very fluffy and warm fuzzies cute.
  3. mermydgurl
    Hi! a good website for manga (especially yaoi) is mangafox.com. There's 15 pages of yaoi stories! It's a great website because you don't have to download or pay for anything! Don't worry it's completely legal and probably the most popular website to read manga.
    @Sio chan, you can find Antique Bakery here on Aarin. It's amazing!
  4. sio chan
    sio chan
    *huggles mermydgurl* thank you for letting me know! ^^ I've watched the anime from here but I didnt know I could find the film as well, I'm downloading as we speak
  5. Habanera
    Well, in my case, I just love You Higuri 's mangas (dramatic music)
    Gorgeous Carat and Cantarella!! I just fell in love with it right away T^T! Also Baby Merchant's story. (it's manhwa XD) Anybody read Taro Story? it's just so hilarious!
  6. riemi
    [Shonen-ai: anyone heard of Yumeka Sumomo? Her drawings are really pretty and she mostly draw one-shots but they're so nice! She did the 'same cell organism' and something 'the day I became a butterfly' if I'm not wrong. She's funny in a 'haha' melancholic manner. Most of all, they're so sweet! D:

    gorgeous carat was fine but I wasn't very addicted to Yuu Higuri. Maybe it's because I'm more of an art critic.
  7. yamane
    The manga Karamete de Kudoite by Takaaki Kusaka has a great plot and art. It's funny in many ways and there's also great smex involved. Another favorite of mine would be Breath by Chifumi Ochi, the uke in the story looks so adorable. I also like most of the mangas made by Yamane Ayano and Yamato Nase, in particular Mr. Convenience.
  8. Shadelassy
    For soft and sweet BL manga, "Only the Ring Finger Knows" is quite a good start . It has a sweet boys' love spice in it.
    If you want further further down that, Yamane Ayano's fantasy novel, Crimson Spell . Har! Good luck bl-soul searching!
  9. sbttw2003
    I'm not really sure what kinda manga style you are in to so here are a few I have read in the past year (Synopsis from Organize, Discuss, Discover - MyAnimeList.net)

    Shuichi Shindou is determined to take his band Bad Luck to the top of the Japanese pop charts. With his drive, talent, and satiny singing voice, he just might stand a chance. But Fate throws a wrench into his well-oiled machine in the form of a handsome stranger named Yuki, a romance writer with an attitude. Yuki is Shuichi's biggest critic, but as the two young artists gravitate towards each other, friendship, and perhaps something more, is sure to blossom. (Source: Tokyopop)

    Straight, macho Taki and shy, effeminate Goh are an expert team of bandits hired by the police to steal from the mafia. Lately, Goh has been more interested in acquiring Taki than in the usual caches of arms and drugs. Will Taki and Goh become a new kind of partners? -Taken from June Manga, DMP

    Dog x Cat (I just finished)
    All Atsu has ever wanted is a dog of his own...and all Junya has ever wanted is Atsu! After being friends since childhood, dog-like Junya and cat-like Atsu now attend college together. One day, Junya finally drops a bomb: he's in love with Atsu and wants to have a sexual relationship with him! Even though Atsu agrees, he doesn't tell Junya if his feelings are returned. Aren't they both supposed to be in love? What's more, aren't dogs and cats supposed to be natural enemies?

    The Lily and the Rose
    A gothic tale of forbidden love in revolution era France. Christophe wants nothing more than to be a simple country priest. When he refuses to sleep with a corrupt Cardinal, he's forced to work in the same manor as the man who almost tempted him away from the cloth when they were younger. Alain was Christophe's true love, but Christophe chose to join the priesthood rather than be with him. Alain bitterly remembers Christophe's rejection. He accepts the Cardinal's assignment: destroy Christophe's career with a scandal. Will his cruel conviction hold once Alain learns how devastated Christophe was to have to deny his feelings for him?

    He promised, "a night of ecstasy you will never forget." That's a big promise...can he possibly deliver? Before long, they were living together. The escalating desire between Mizuki Shinohara and Kazuomi Honjoh seemed endless...

    Dark Prince
    Prince Davon murders boys whose name start with the letter "A." The loyal retainer Lowry is summoned by the king to put a stop to it. Lowry assumes the prince is insane due to inbreeding. As he investigates he learns of Davon's dark religion, and of the god Davon claims is his lover. Is this dark god who commands Davon to kill even real? Lowry seeks answers from Davon's brother Lor, but he can scarcely rely on him when he's also claiming to be Davon's lover.

    Seito no Shucho Kyoshi no Honbun (A.K.A ...But, I'm Your Teacher the book contains 6 different stories)
    1-2) Student's Request Teacher's Duty
    Yahiro sensei is adored by all of his students, especially the girls, but it's male student Koga that Yahiro can't stop thinking about. But as much as they love each other, Yahiro knows that the affections of a teenager can be precarious.

    3) Sakase! Takae no Hana
    Nozomu's father has recently remarried, and his new step brother is super popular Sudou sempai. Sempai is very affectionate with his new little brother, and Nozomu's trying not to let the attention go to his head.

    4) Honey Happy Baby
    Yui Tomoya was looking forward to a special date with his older boyfriend Tsukasa, but is thrown off track when he's forced to babysit his niece Ayumi. And why doesn't Tsukasa seem to mind the interruption...

    5) Voice Box
    High school escort Atsushi gets surprise when his beautiful-voiced client is a journalist looking for a good story. But after a night of gentle passion, the journalist disappears leaving Atsushi wanting more. Will he ever meet his mystery man again?

    6) Scandal Kiss
    Stuntman Hideto has been dating famous actor Katsuya, a former ladies man for a while now, but his feelings of jealousy at seeing Katsuya with other women are becoming too much to control. Is it really just for work?

    7) The View Through the Lens
    American photographer and ex-felon Rob Dain picks up young orphan immigrant Tohru one snowy night. Making Tohru his model, he obsessively photographs the teenager, but his one true desire is to see Tohru's aroused face. How far is Dain willing to go to see his dark desires fulfilled?

    Sensei no Jijou (A.K.A The Cause of my Teacher the book contains 6 different stories)
    1) The Cause of my Teacher (Sensei no Jijou)
    A student who is fond of eye glasses tells his tender teacher of his feeling. The teacher kisses him but he is a little unsatisfied because the teacher takes the eye glasses off when they kiss

    2) At the Guidance Room
    The hero, a strange student, loves a teacher, a blunder that students make light of. Bad students try to annoy the teacher by using a porn video but the teacher thinks the hero brought it

    3) A Person, Held Captive
    The hero enters the company with his friend whom he has loved since his childhood. Knowing their supervisor aims at his friend, hero finally tie the friend up after an alcoholic party

    4) The Reckelness of Youth (sequel to "Shinobu Kokoro wa").
    Hiiragi did not fully accept his orders, and acts separately from his chief, Asagi. He is thrown into jail

    5) I'm Sorry, Young Master!
    The son of a lord, who feels his guard and martial arts teacher took a sexual joke too far, challenges him at his own peril

    6) Child of the Palace in the Sea
    A scholar teacher of the Mountain palace country escorts back a spy boy of the Sea palace country (which dominates the Mountain palace country) who is bullied.

    The Aluria Chronicles
    A young man named Gin is falsely accused of murder and then sacrificed to a demon as punishment. However, seeing that Gin was innocent, the great bird-like demon drops the young man to the mystical land of Aluria.

    Waking up in a prison cell, Gin is then told that he is being held captive for his own safety and will soon hold trial to be released into the public. During his stay in the cell, Gin meets his cellmate Kakale who, despite his kind demeanor, is a powerful vampire wanted for murder. Kakale soon swoons the venerable Gin and betrays him by escaping in the boy's form and leaving poor Gin in a strange land with a body that is not his own.

    Nonetheless, when Kakale's lover Rakioul shows up, Gin finds out that perhaps having Kakale's body might not be such a bad thing after all.
  10. noelinthegarden
    Wow, there are a lot of good ones up there that would probably keep you going for awhile. Can you give us any clues as to what yaoi preferences you have like hard/soft or darker/cutesy? Some of the lesser known ones that I like are:
    Taiyou no Kikoushi- a struggling wannabe tourist guide finds a strange foreighner passed out in the park who is very much used to getting his own way (the art is gorgeous)
    Hard Rock - relatively short series about two cavemen who fall for each other (yes you read that right cavemen)

    Also, I'm surprised no one mentioned ViewFinder...
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