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  1. Talasca
    Is it just me or is AF getting some facebookish features? ^_ ~
  2. eiri
    Yeah it is...errr...I need to get used to the other extra features...
  3. AlishaCatherine
    Squeal! I said the same thing about Facebook!! Now I know I'm going to get even more addicted to the forum! I already spent an hour making a photo album
  4. Nnoilalala
    Yay~ I found a group to be in ^^

    I've been wondeing what facebook was like, now I don't have to venture out of my normal world to find out
  5. Talasca
    This is scary. Facebook is taking over the world. >_<;; ...Though some of the new things here are kinda cool. ^_^
  6. Hadas_g
    nekogal, I feel the same as you..

    Now I also know what is Facebook without be in it.. XD
    But I love all the new feathers ^^ they are so cool..
  7. AlishaCatherine
    Mmm, it's just a little taste of Facebook. Facebook has other stuff like applications where you're a vampire biting people (just a silly example). In any case, at least it's not Myspace
    I definitely like these message walls!
  8. Moon-Angelica
    I like the message walls a lot ^^ Never really got into Facebook itself though ^^;
  9. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    GRRLS UNITE!! Woohoo!! Yes, erm, this is very facebook / myspace-ish haha XDD
  10. eiri
    We're outnumbering the AARINGUYS *snickers* oh and look at Dai-kun's post in there...I bet the guys peeked in here too. xD
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