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  1. Lent
    Oh, let the guys be among them then... I heard they're boring anyway.
  2. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    GUYS SUCK!!! There. I hope they saw that. *sniffle*
  3. makiyuki
    I am a little too old to still be a girl so I hope it is still okay for me to join. I haven't been in an all girls group since highschool...and the boys group will never get as many members.
  4. 2good2bebad
    I'm a girl so I am joining...more like women ^^
  5. angerbda
    @makiyuki: perhaps we can start the aaringranny group I think I am way too old to be a girl (hehe), but, eh!, who cares?

    So, is just the purpose here to outnumber the guys?
  6. Lent
    So, is just the purpose here to outnumber the guys?

  7. hayley_beth24
    woot! feels like a high school all-girls club.
  8. amade0
    the new aarin really feels like facebook xD and yay a girl group ^^
  9. Artemis Moonsong
    Artemis Moonsong
    Hey, I'm 27 and definitely a GIRL!! :P Although I played taboo the other night and got placed in the *gasp* OVER TWENTY-FIVE team. *dies*
  10. makiyuki
    I don't know if our purpose is to out number the guys but that shouldn't be hard. It is fun to hang out with just the girls. I joined the over thirty group so I understand that gasp Artemis.
    @angerbda I was thinking obaasan...it sounds better; but I think I'm still girlish at heart.
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