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  1. Tenjou
    @vizard light .. you make me blush..... are we THAT perverted?! Yeah, I guess we are, huh?

    But who would be the slaves? Any opinions... Me.. I want as slave Ikuto from "Shugo Chara" .. What can I say.. I like catboys....
  2. vizard light
    vizard light
    @ Tenjou Ikuto is so cute....

    I want Akihito though
  3. Trgiklullaby
    Wow, this topic went way off course... I love it.
  4. Tenjou
    This topic is going nowhere at the moment. The changes to the social groups literally killed us... I mean, look when the las comment was made...
  5. Trgiklullaby
    Ah true. I think that a lot of people left as well, with the crazy changes. I myself took a break. (Mainly because I was at home and have dial up. -_-)
  6. shanna261
    Owwwwwwww dail up I feel for u
  7. sio chan
    sio chan
    Hey all, I think the group changes have affected a lot of groups a few that were really active just arent anymore, I think a lot of posters found the changes made quite difficult to adjust too? Although I admit I'm not particularly active on this group anymore either *sorry* But I will contribute more movie suggestions, just havnt watched any particularly good ones in a while ~ maybe the way to start conversations again is by posting a topic idea? I'm really bad at coming up with interesting things to talk about >.< but if anyone else does I'm happy to discuss anything
  8. asphy_xiation
    Hi, I'm new at all of these (I used to be a lurker >///<;; so I don't really know the differences between the old SGs and the new SGs but I think posting a new topic to talk about is a great idea!

    ...although brilliance is eluding me at the moment (or, well, most moments, to tell you the truth). But I'm game for any topic! Let's go revive(?) the SG! Hehe...
  9. yamane
    I don't think I've posted here before...Ah well, someone post a new topic please (because I 'm no good at coming up with topics), and we'll get the ball rolling from there.
  10. OtherRomance
    Thank you Everyone for being yaoi lovers. Joining Aarin girls means that there are at least 1,049 CERTIFIED yaoi lovers in this world.
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