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  1. Libbit
    @yawnkitty: uwaaah! XD thank you, luv~!!! <3 *clings to u and purrs* ^///^
  2. yawnkitty
    @Libbit: *squee* hehe. Its my pleasure. however , i must warn you. its a cliffhange ending. and i can not be held accountable if you want to read th rest. hehe .I've looked everywhere..but cant find the second. But for now its not to know what happens in the first ^^
  3. Libbit
    @yawnkitty: Nuuuu! Evil cliffhanger! D: But ima gonna read it anyway x3
  4. yawnkitty
    @Libbit: i know. but after that cliffhanger . im evven more tempted to pay her.=/ but its so expensive to do so (imagin 7.99 US dollars then x2 then plus taxes because i dont live in the US/Canada area) so its pretty damn expensive. *sobs because she wants to read the rest so badly*
  5. Libbit
    @yawnkitty: almost $20 just to read her fanfiction?? O__o aaargh! I gonna go buy myself a good book tomorrow! =__= no, make that 2 books! >__<
  6. yawnkitty
    @Libbit: Lets not forget ....she doenst up date daily. I took a look at volume 2 of Taming Riki today. Its only got 10 chapters up. God know how long it will take to finish it all. I've decided to just bit my lips and wait until its finished and maybe ...MAYBE then i will buy a month's subscribtion to finish. Maybe.

    BTW. how do I get those little card things ..like it has a anime char with a lvl on it. where and how do i get it??..and what are points good for??
  7. Libbit
    @yawnkitty: You get points for uploading anime, manga or doujinshi scans, movies, dramas, games etc. or you can win them in lotteries ^^ With them you can buy cards from the iShop. You can also win them in lotteries or get them in free card giveaways (I got my 1st card from stupidgirlang, I send you the link to her thread in a PM since I don't know if we're allowed to post links here ^^; )
  8. yawnkitty
    @yawnkitty:oo thanks a bunch . time to start posting links =D *link posting frenzy on its way*
  9. sio chan
    sio chan
    See I wouldnt read it just on principle, its wrong to charge for fan fiction *nod nod*
    @ yawnkitty exactly what Libbit said you can also get points by entering the contests or someone might just give you points if they like something you've posted kinda like how the rep works
  10. yawnkitty
    *waves* Hi , since im a yaoi newby , i was wondering if anyone will recommand some good ones for me. =D I've seen , Ai no kusabi, junjou romantica,and okane ga nai.and i've enjoyed them immensly. i've read a lot of the archives..but none of them are like the 3 i've seen..and be to honest..i'm not so much into shouta. so if you have any personal faves. please tell =D thank you *waves bye*
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