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Great/Good gay movies you've seen.....

  1. Tenjou
    Just popped in my mind.... I know that there are themes that discuss this thing but what will it hurt one more, right?

    Anyway.. I just watched "Trick" from 1999.. very sweet movie and funny [Except for Torry Spelberg or Spielberg or something].... 2 guys trying to find a place to be alone, and all this time they spend doing this they are knowing each other and maybe there will be more to them than just one night....

    I downloaded it from 4shared.com... If you want I can share the links...
  2. Tenjou
    COME ON!!! Has NOBODY seen anything worth seeing?!?!? Bring a bit more life into our group, girls.... Please
  3. yaoi_cat
    sorry haven't watched it - i'm not very familiar with these movies *ashamed*
    can you give me the link so i can download it?
  4. vizard light
    vizard light
    Gay movies r hard to find especially good ones
  5. Tenjou
    @vizard light.... Precisely...... That's why I'm looking for recommendations.... I mean we are a lot of people... All who have searched for gay movies and watched have seen at least ONE good movie we would recommend... right?

    Here are the links for Trick (1999):
    1 part) http://www.4shared.com/file/57164977..._rmvb.html?s=1
    2 part) http://www.4shared.com/file/57166556..._rmvb.html?s=1
    3 part) http://www.4shared.com/file/57167653..._rmvb.html?s=1

    After you download them you join the parts with HJspliter (http://www.freebyte.com/hjsplit/#win32), and the resulting video file can be played in Media Player Classic as a Real Media video file.

    IF you want to make it in .avi video file, then you could use a video converter (I use Any Video Converter - > http://www.any-video-converter.com/p...or_video_free/)
  6. Tenjou
    I also recommend an good dramatic gay movie "Juste une question d'amour"

    It's about a guy that does not want to come out to his parents after what happened to is cousin, who was kicked out....

    SO he lives in an apartment with his best friend [girl, who his parents stake for his girlfriend] meets handsome fellow at unoversity, work together, fall in love and maybe he will deal with his issues in the end....
  7. sio chan
    sio chan
    Hello Tenjou and gay movie fans there is a thread about this subject on the forum allready that I posted in but like you say Tenjou cant be too much harm in posting again! *ahem* So movies that I have seen and would recommend are:
    Regular Guys (also known as Echte Kerle) German film about a macho cop who after being kicked out of his house and being dumped by his fiancee gets very drunk and wakes up next to a very cute naked car thief named Edgar - this film is really funny and well worth tracking down!
    My Beautiful Laundrette - Brit Flick all about and inter racial gay love story set in 1980s london at the height of the Thatcher years this film was monumentally controversial when released and is really interesting plus stars a very young and attractive Daniel Day-Lewis *drools*
    Beautiful Thing - another Brit flick sort of coming of age and dealing with coming out all at the same time. Essentially Two boys falling in love with each other while living in a housing estae in London this is a really sweet film and has some classic one liners watch out for the peppermint foot lotion!
    Happy Together - by Wong Kar-Wai adn starring Tony Leung this film is very cinematic and essentially shows the aftermath of a gay couple breaking up trying to get back together and breaking up again.
    Krampack aka Nico & Dani this is another coming of age tale where Nico realises that he wants sex with girls and Dani realises that he wants sex with Nico this is funny and quite sad at times
    Bear Cub - this is a spanish film that is increadibly sexually graphic (it opens with a sex scene) and involves a lot of big hairy gay spanish men but if you can cope with depictions of gay men not being sterotyped as good looking and bishie this is an amazing film that is well worth seeing! This is about family, a gay uncle has to fight for the rights to raise his nephew in a loving and supportive family home as the boys mother is imprisoned a custody battles erupts with the childs grandmother
    Latter days - an american film that is very romantic and very sweet about religion, faith and sexuality
    All About My Mother - this is more about gay/ transgender identiy and is geared more to exploring the nature of womanhood but you didnt specify that the films had to be male gay films and this is a wonderfull film!
    And finally ...
    Iron Ladies - Thai film based on real events this is about an underdog volleyball team with gay/ transgendered players and one token straight player this is a film about triuphing over prejudice and injustice and is also a very good buddy sports film
    and thats me any questions please feel free to ask!
  8. Tenjou
    @sio chan .... WOWOW.... That's a lot of movies.. And I really appreciate the description... *goes of in a wild hunt*
  9. sio chan
    sio chan
    Your welcome let me if you like them ^^ another one I can add is Adam & Steve this is an American film that is utter ridiculous has an insane Two Stepping dance scene that is just madness and it is utterly cliched and sweet and funny if I come across any others I'll let you all know
  10. Tenjou
    @sio chan.... *Thank you so much.. If it's cliche...I don't care [Am I rare or what?]. If it's interesting and has good acting then it's all good.....
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