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Great/Good gay movies you've seen.....

  1. Tenjou
    I liked Formula 17 too, although usually I don't really like Asian BL movies.

    Anyway, my recommendations for today are as following:

    1) "But I'm a cheerleader" - one of the few lesbian movies. The main character, Megan, is shipped of to a school called "True directions" to cure homosexuality. Megan didn't even acknowledged that she was gay, but there were signs - she didn't like kissing her boyfriend, in her locker were pictures of girls, not guys and so on and so forth.
    Guess where she fell in love and with whom? Right, at true directions and with a girl.
    I love how this movie address stereotypes regarding gay people. It's quite funny and I consider worth watching it.

    2) "A touch of pink" - about a guy, his boyfriend, his mom and about coming out to your family. Not to mention that there's the ghost of Cary Grant in the mix... A lovely, funny, heartfelt movie with good characters.
  2. ExoticChocolat
    Velvet Goldmine starring Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Christian Bale & Ewan McGregor... [I like it because it depicts the rock and roll lifestyle of 60s/70s... the homoeroticism of its stars as well. Brian Slade representing David Bowie and Curt Wilde representing Iggy Pop....]

    Touch of Pink was excellent! I watched it a while back and loved it. x3
  3. Tenjou
    "Tru Loved" - a bit cliche, but what isn't these days? Is about a girl that has 2 moms, 2 dads and wants to start a GSA at her new school. She manages to be the cover girlfriend for her gay friend and find a real boyfriend at the GSA meeting.
    I must say that the last scene where her friend comes out to his family is hilarious.
  4. mrsnott
    So, I just watched (literally, I just arrived home from the movies) and JESUS ****ING CHRIST! I just watched one of the BEST gay-themed movie. SERIOUSLY. THIS, this is why I spend money going to the movies. It was so worth it and beyond. The movie's name: UNDERCURRENT (Contracorriente - Original title)

    Now, why so great. Well, to start off, the acting is pretty much as good as it can get and well past beyond that point. It's simply FANTASTIC. And there's the FANTASTIC plot. And the overall feeling. This is a movie about feelings, and coming out and people. There are barely a handful of movies that make me cry just because they are so BEAUTIFUL. This movie made me cry. And it is so awesome on so many different levels that even if you are not particularly into the whole gay-themed films, you're gonna love it. Movies like this are not done frequently. Movies like this are masterpieces.

    And personally, as someone who has witnessed (I AM from Colombia, after all) one of the actor's track (Manolo Cardon, who besides giving an absolutely flabbergasting performance, is HOT HOT HOT and has these piercing, bright eyes that just -GOD, I wanna have babies with him) I am positively surprised by the performance he delivered. It is believable and sweet, and so heart-felt. Also, there are PLENTY and EXPLICIT scenes where both male actors interact, which is to say much considering not many of the greatest gay-themed movies have these particular scenes. Of course there are great movies with these scenes, but few are those that are also GREAT.
  5. donald
    the best yaoi movie i have seen are go go g boys and formula 17(ah no it's shonen ai movie,but very interesting)
  6. Shadelassy
    Just dropping by to share my fave asian menxmen story ... A Frozen Flower , a korean movie, is so far very enticing. I also love the twist of the story. And I love looking at men in traditional clothing!
  7. madam same
    madam same
    my favourite asian film is The King and the Clown, a south korean film with traditional clothing too . There's no explicit yaoi scene in the movie, but the relationship between the two mai characters (two male street clowns) it's so intense... ah! i find it very romantic!
  8. Tenjou
    I recently watched "Diaries of Miss Anne Lister" about a lesbian during Victorian Era or something like this. I really liked this movie. As I understand is based on a real person.
  9. xShyness
    Can't really chose but i loved Formula 17
  10. EllieandStars
    My favourites have got to be "Boy Culture" "Permanent Residence" &" The King and the clown" and ummmm "Beautiful Thing"- If anyone has seen any of these.. hit me up. I will be ready to have a heated conversation about them XD And anyone who hasn't GO AND WATCH THEM MY CHILDREN- They are all beautiful and different in every way. <3
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