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Great/Good gay movies you've seen.....

  1. Viccusays
    Hi. Thanks for the dl links to trick. I've been trying to find it with little success. That was the first gay movie I remember seeing and enjoying. I watched Brokeback Mountain and loved it too. But thats it...umm...makes note to look for recc'ed movies.
  2. Tenjou
    I didn't watch Brokeback Mountain too, so I can't say anything about it, but Shelter is really a sweet movie, worth seeing.

    I also want to recommend a German film called "Sommersturm", it's a good film. You can download it from here:

  3. mrsnott
    I think my fav gay movie is Les Chansons D'amour (Love Songs). The main lead is waaaaaay too hot! And it is just so absolutely adorable. You can find it in youtube if you'd like to watch it...it has english subs as well. And my second fav gay movie is Plata Quemada (Burnt Money)...now THIS is one hell of a movie. In my opinion it breaks all standards of gay men. Like how they can be real divas and stuff, well this movie is about a pair of murderers who happen to be gay. Their relationship is so beautiful and one of them is your typical argentinian male, which means to say HOT! lol
  4. sio chan
    sio chan
    A new film to recommend 'All over the Guy' American film about Tom and Eli two completly neorotic and issue riddled guys who start going out with each other then stop and then go back to each other and stop again ^^ its quite fun watching and waiting for them to realise how "meant to be" they are
  5. Tenjou
    I could reccomend "A frozen flower", a Korean movie (A Frozen Flower - AsianMediaWiki). I watched the movie before I read any comments on the Internet. I loved this film, but I can't say the same about all those who've seen it. Some people, like me, say that the movie was very good, others have strongly disliked it.

    For those who didin't like the movie there are mainly 2 reasons:
    1) It should have been more gay eroticism and depiction of the relationship between the Head of teh Royal Guard and the King.

    2) Too much hetero eroticism (and let me tell you that the sex scenes between the Queen and the Royal Guard are very, very .... graphic).

    The movie is mainly about a love triangle between the King, Head of the Royal Guard and the Queen, and how they start to neglect all politics to pursue their personal interests.
  6. mrsnott
    I saw recently the Korean live-action film for Antique Bakery. I loved that movie! It is so great and from what I've heard it follows the manga closely.

    Also I would recommend No Regrets (another korean movie) anout a male prostitute who falls in love with a client. It was good movie.
  7. LadyOfWicca
    I have one for you. It is called "Making Love" and it's old. (late 70's - early 80's) It was the first one I ever saw. It is about a married couple, but the husband becomes curious when he meets another man that he is drawn to. It is a good story of self discovery and obsession.
  8. Tenjou
    I've seen "NO regrets"... One of the main lead is a very beautiful guy and very sweet in pursuing the prostitute. I definitely recommend it. The ending is purely Korean if I may say so.... they at least both remain alive, unlike many of the Korean movies I've seen.

    Also, I want to recommend a musical film: "Where the world mine" inspired by the Midsummer's dream" by Shakespeare. I don't want to spoil, but you can read a good review here, on wikipedia: Were the World Mine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  9. Soumire
    it's my first comment here soo welcome me!!*welcomes herself*
    anyway on to the topic,i recently saw a japanese gay movie called "ai no kotodama".it is a sweet story between two friends.well,as it's japanese -and gay on top of that-there are no sex scenes and even the kiss scenes are very few.but i found it really sweet and i think those who prefer the more shounen-ai style will like it.besides the seme in the couple is hoot. if you see it,let me know what u think. ^_^
  10. xclosetxanimexloverx
    I really like Formula 17. It's so sweet!

    ... I'm pretty sure you can watch it on here.
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