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Great/Good gay movies you've seen.....

  1. sio chan
    sio chan
    Ok so two more to add ...
    'Boy Culture' American movie about the tale of X male hustler who is coming to terms with falling in love, very funny and slightly cynical but overall a good watch and '
    Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy' indie American movie stars Zach Braff, Dean Cain and the guy who played Fraisers Dad is very sweet well acted and touching film about love/ hate relationship between friends and lovers worth looking out for
    Oh before I forget you can watch a lot of films on alluc.org its basicly streaming video and it doesnt have all the films I've recommended but it does hold quite a lot of them ^^
  2. Tenjou
    'Boy Culture' I've seen, I liked this movie... besides the main character was hot.... and not only him,.... Thanks agian for sharing
  3. yaoi_fun_fan
    @shio chan
    Whoo~you sure know a lot about gay movies.. Honestly, I've never seen any gay movie cuz you know, as everyone said, it's hard to find.
    May I ask one thing? Where can you get 'em all?
  4. Tenjou
    Dear yaoi_fun_fan... Glad to have you here.... Please read the previous page of this discussion where you will find links to download a few movies...
  5. inume27
    I've seen 'Latter days' based on sio chan's rec and I loved it...sweet and with a happy ending just how I want it....Thank you for recommend it !!!!
  6. sio chan
    sio chan
    hey ppl I dont really know a lot yaoi_fun_fan I just like watching films and I'm a big fan of cinema so its all fun in one of my previous posts I said that you could find some of the films in alluc.org just put the www. in front of it and see what you can find
    inume27 wheee I'm so glad you liked it! Its such a sweet film and like you I really enjoyed the happy ending
  7. HurricaneAlchemist
    I usually just watch short films on LOGO, so I really have no specific suggestions. ^^' Gomen ne!
  8. LadyFoxglove
    How come nobody said Brokeback mountain? XD I actually haven't seen it yet, but from the few MV's I've seen, it looks really bittersweet.
    Also, there's a movie called Shelter (2007) that I also have not seen yet, but I hear good things about it.
  9. sio chan
    sio chan
    I've seen Shelter its really good and very sweet with a little melodrama thrown in *ahem* I didnt enjoy Brokeback which is why I didnt recommend it (you can read more about that in one of the threads about BrokeBack Mountain) but if someone else enjoys it thats all good
  10. hayenga
    hey i liked Brokeback Mountian that was an interesting movie.

    I just watched Formula Seventeen, that one was pretty good too.
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