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Recommendations for BL Manga

  1. sakuraShuurei
    Dear all, i'm currently facing a lack of nice BL manga to read..
    Pls provide your recommendations. I need it to be good storyline, great illustrations and maybe not too draggy.
    Thanks! Looking forward to see your replies
  2. Tsetsua
    Maybe "Totally Captyvated" or "Seven days" and especially "Junjo romantica"! *_______________________*
  3. Papoose
    I don't know if you're still looking, but I recently read Golden Eyes by Kitazawa Kyo. That was an above average one, but it is an ongoing series, so you will need something else to read in the meantime. I would also recommend Beast and Feast by Akira Norikazu if you haven't read it. This one was really good. I will warn you though, this one is pretty graphic, so if graphic depictions of sex bothers you, you should avoid it. Go to mangago.com, they have a lot of yaoi series. So does mangahere, even though mangago.com seems to have more. Hope this helps!
  4. OtherRomance
    Hello There!

    Koisuru Boukun...so cute! It is about a grad school student named Morinaga who is so in love with his sempai Souichi who is a certified tyrant and a homophobic until one night, he was finally able to have his way with him. Souichi of course being the homophobe that he is decided not to speak about it but of course our dear Morinaga is quite persistent and extremely self-sacrificing that Souchi cannot help but make "special exemptions" for his kouhai.
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