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Say your "Hi!" and "Welcome" here---> :)

  1. General Alyssa
    Hellooooooooo! ^ .^
  2. Omodesu
    I just joined on a random impulse. Trying to find things in the forum to up my post count and pull me away from the SB. Haha! Go Girl Power!
  3. MisakiTsuki
    Hi everyone~! Since I'm on this site (and I am a girl last time I checked) I thought I'd join~! So...hello.
  4. yoghurtCream
    hello to all of you! ^^
  5. Tenjou
    Hello, Hello! Hello! ...
  6. Trgiklullaby
    I've been here forever, but I haven't been on in so long.

    But welcome all newcomers, and hallo again to all those who have been here with me, that I must reintroduce myself to.

  7. ojochan
    GIRL POWER!!! WOOOOOO ! xD hey guys, new to the group ^_^ yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^^
  8. teeta0
    Hello everybody A newbie here *waves*
  9. Vincentlover23
    Hi everyone! I've been on Aarin for a couple of weeks but didn't join any groups till now!
  10. DiabloAngel
    I am back Sorry for the long absences. My computer crashed and burned and when I finally get it up and running I have major surgery with a week long hospital stay. Needless to say been a busy and unhappy couple of mounths. Hopefully it is all good from here out.
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