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Say your "Hi!" and "Welcome" here---> :)

  1. mariexx
    heyy nice to meet you all!
    girls banzai!
  2. saya999941
    I just joined !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. DarkDana
    Ohayo, mina-san!

    I'm Dana (my nick is very suggestive, huh?) and I'm a huge yaoi fan (d'oh)!!!
    Just wanted to say "Hi!" and wish you all the best ... yaoi, that is!

  4. haganey
    I´m Joey and also new here! Proud to be an Aaringirl!
    And daaamn we are many!!
  5. Cteel
    harooo,...how do you do???,..yes I'm new(on this group)but am a shoutbox reg,lol
    soooo,...whats up?
  6. TweetyBee
    Hola Perv girls like me ) hohoho im new so please take care of me ))
  7. TweetyBee
    im kinda new so please teach me everything i need to know sempai
  8. Tsetsua
    Hello ^ ^

    I just joined. I hope we would good fun together
  9. beatlechan
    hi, i've been on the forum now for 3 weeks or so. s i decided to join this group. hope everyone is good.
  10. nicolecchi
    Hello! I just joined the aarinfantasy now! So.. yeah!
    I'm NEW
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