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  1. Saphie12
    Hello Ya'll! I joined a couple weeks ago but due to college stress, I haven't had much time getting on. Even though school is about to be starting this semester and chaos of classes will again begin, I'd like to introduce myself rather than just be a nonexistant member of this group! So, howdy!
  2. Kurisha
    *waves* Hai! Old member of the forum, new to the group. :3
  3. Arien
    Hello, girls!! Just joined today and thought I'd also joing the "AarinGirls" group. ^^
  4. egetsunaikeike
    Hi ! New to the group, been on the site for a few years ... though only joined as a member in February of this year ... and yeah. Thanks for havin' me !!
  5. reikahikari
    Hello! I'm new here! Reika you may call me
  6. BadAngel
    Hey, Im Shay.. new to the group.. any questions, just ask..
  7. Jaxi
    Hello everyone. I'm new here to the group. It's nice to meet all of you. ^_^ I look forward to joining in on the discussions and making friends with all of you. Hajimemashite!!
  8. wildcat234
    hey everyone. glad to be here love aarinfantasy
  9. Bancoran
    hello im new i want to get to know everybody and hopefully we will all get along ^^
  10. Yin01
    Hi everyone! New to the group, not so much to the forum. Thanks for having me. ^_^
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