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  1. ShamelessFan
    Hey! I've been an aarin girl for about a month or so and I always love talking with fellow fans! Pleasure to meet all of you!
  2. yaoimadness
    Hiya! Just joined about a minute ago...XD
  3. ladySakuyaKira
    New girl member woot XD ^.^
  4. Dataxia

    I'm Dat, short for DAtaxia. I'm a writer, gamer, dreamer, lover, and a fighter. I love to write yaoi fan fiction (Mostly Naruto) and I read all types of literature. I am in college for English though I might probably switch to Linguistics. I'm short, Hispanic, and have glasses. There is nothing else to say but if you want to know more about me you are free to ask.
  5. Rody
    hi hi .. girls
  6. Miyumii
    Hiya! Nice too meet you ladies ^.^! Three cheers for the awesome girl side of the fandom
  7. Miyumii
    Oh wow i just found this group after 1 year *sigh*
  8. french5033
    Hello ladies!
    Nice to meet you all.
  9. Yunomuna
    Hello, Yunomuna here. I joined 2 months ago, since I'm an Aaringirl I thought it's only right to join the group. So here I am. Nice to meet you, all.
  10. ryzane17
    Hello my fellow gals!
    Nice to meet you all!
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