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  1. mrsnott
    So, I was browsing through the forum and stumbled on this post where someone asked us girls why we wanted to be gay guys. I can relate because when I first started watching yaoi I totally wished that. But since then, my life has taken many turns and I LOVE being a girl.

    I'm a feminist and I know what that means to me. But what does it mean to you? Are you a feminist? Are you happy about being a girl?

    To me feminism is about equality. It's about women having the same opportunities as men. It's about girl power without diminishing men's strengths.

    Sometimes men can be really chauvinistic but sad thing for me are women who are chauvinists as well. I was once talking to a female history teacher. We were discussing how there was a rupture in the family nucleus. My teacher said it was because women had left the homes to enter the working field. So because we are not there, our children are all alone and thus the rupture. And I was so sad. If women start to work, the men should start to spend more time at home. It's all about balance.

    Anyway, feminism and women's roles, what do you think?
  2. Aggina
    Im really glad you posted this ,,

    I really have a lot to say about woman rights, and could probably write page after page about it. So ill try to keep it a little short.

    I think it is really too bad when some woman are chauvinists, because even we have to learn to accept men. Even after a long history of them abusing us.
    As I see it, woman have to gather more courage and step into "mans" work line, taking on both physical and mentally harder jobs. And as young try to break into typical "boy" envioronments.

    When I was younger I serioulsy wanted to be a boy, and as result of that I got determination enought to "break" into the "boy world". I was into sports and did thing where I was the only girl around. Not being afraid. It was probably just a coincidense I ended up that way, but later I realised I couldent run away from being a girl, and that I didn´t want to. Using that as an example (hehe) it shows that woman can do it, if they just want to.

    Dont end up being the girl partying all her teens before getting married and living the rest of her life raising (snotty) children. So my fellow females (borrowed that one from ´menchikun´) live you life.

    Writing that on a website (), but I really meant it.
    But we must allow ourselves to watch I boys at Aarin, Because that it was being a girls is all about , allowing ourselves to be free.

    When I read through this I saw how messy it became. With no real sence either, since i wrote thing from my mind on a whim.
    But feel free to ask about anything ! <3
  3. iThreat
    I think women are still kind of... pampered, sometimes, by society. I was listening to some boys talk, they were maybe 15 or 16 years old, and I do recall one saying that woman should belong in the kitchen, and that the kitchen is where his wife was going to be... It really made me mad that after all these years a redneck teenage boy still has it in his mind that women should only be in the kitchen :'(

    And then just today, I happened to see a 13 year old girl get featured on ESPN for pitching in the All American Little League with boys since she was like 7, and she kicks their ass... like, 65mph knuckle ball... and her coach was the major league player that invented the knuckle ball...

    I want to see her go into the major league in ten years and be like, I AM ON MY PERIOD, B*TCHES.
  4. noelinthegarden
    Well, I know this topic dearly being in a field that is predominantly guys and also thought of as for only guys - computer science. There are more girls entering the field but it doesn't mean the stereotypes have shifted much. At the start of each quarter at least one of my CS profs has to give a short spiel about how the girls did not get into the major because of their gender but because on average we have higher GPAs in all of our prerequisite CS courses then the men do. I've also seen reports of most women dropping out of the field after working several years because it is an uncomfortable and even slightly hostile environment to be in. I think this will change, especially as more people realize it's one of the few sectors still hiring even during tough economic times. We are getting more of the business oriented types than the stereotypical dude in his mother's basement. All the same, it would be nice to see more female hackers represented in tv, movies and the like just to start the ball rolling a little more. I guess Trinity from the Matrix counts but all the guys I know just thought of her appearance and not that she was one of the more successful computer users of the movie
  5. angstydarko
    uuugh it sucks i've joined too late for all the good convos lol.

    for someone to equate that all girls who watch yaoi want to be gay men is so small minded. Not only because watching something that you seemingly can't relate doesn't mean you want to be what your watching but also because that would mean all people watching yaoi would have to be gay men only. lol wth.
    As far as feminism i think this is something that should be in every woman, only because its quite necessary! we are more than half of the united states yet we're still labeled a minority, that's ridiculous to me. We're labeled as a minority only because of our standing in society compared to male which shows there still aren't equal rights among males and females. Theres a book name full frontal feminism that was just brought to my attention a few days ago but i suggest us all read it or atleast skim it lol.

    I'm very happy about being a girl.. if you were born a girl that's what being a feminist means, taking pride in yourself and never taking a involuntary backseat to a man. Whether that be you beign a stay at home mom against your will or just something as small as making a meal because he said so even though you're tired and have been working hard all day like he has, let it be of your own choice to take the backseat or relinquish that control. The time of forcing roles onto woman who have no choice in the matter are freaking over.. we're woman now of the 20th century.
    A few other things that bother me are the freaking inconsisties between male sexuality and female sexuality. Women all always either oversexualized in the media or wayyyy undersexualized to the point of no return but no matter which one, her appearance is definitely going to be one of the subjects on the review of that show or movie yet for a man it's never like this. This annoys me to no end.. i feel bad saying i guess there really isn't anyway to exactly change the way the media portrays us buts its just annoying especially when walking down the street you're subject to men thinking it's okay to either catcall you.. call you intimate names like baby or honey.. even attempt to put their arm around you or something and i know it's only because the media [or just their dumb brain smh] has told them its acceptable to recognize a woman sexuality in this way when it really is NOT okay at all.

    ..okay i'm done before i rant further.
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