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reasons for being yaoilovers

  1. Soumire
    basically,it's this question that poped up into my mind while reading a fiction here.why girls like reading yaoi stuff sooo much???
    because they are good??YES!!because they are sexy???a DOUBLE yes!!! because the sex scenes are so smexy and cheesy and cuuuute????YES !!!YES YES!!!!
    because it is forbidden maybe??

    what's your own thoughts??
  2. azure_sea
    i wholeheartedly agree with you in your previous points. and also, because it's exciting. i like it, because it's much more deeper than the normal hetero relationship. shoujo-ai is also something forbidden, but they are girls. and girls are mostly prone to having and showing feelings.
    the boys however, don't really show their emotions concerning love. they want to show off and behave like machos. you know, boys shouldn't cry, because they think it's soooo unmanly. *shakes head*
    so i think it's more difficult for them to accept their feelings for another male and come to terms with them and confess to their crushes.
  3. Soumire
    what u said is soo true..and it has a deep meaning..it made think about it again and again..i haven't read many shoujo ai to be honest so i can't really talk about that,but i started reading shoujo manga first and then moved to the yaoi ones.and the more yaoi i was reading the less shoujo mangas i enjoyed reading..they seemed to me sooo fake..well maybe other things happened that made me a bit of a cynical,but still in yaoi the love always seems deeper just like u said...
    thanks for taking your time to comment..
    hope others will comment too
  4. riemi
    this post is kinda inactive...?

    I started with naono bohra... and the story was great. I didn't even look at the make out scenes... I kinda got used to seeing people make out, but I'm still focusing on the plot itself.

    The shojo-ai manga does not offer much plot and character!!! It's so hard to find a satisfiying read. So if anyone knows a shojo-ai manga with proper plot please state it?

    andddd... girls ar enot more prone to show their feelings. Some are. Some are not. It's the artist that determine the character's reaction in each scene.

    but sometimes I get tired of reading yaoi because the is almost nonexistent (sometimes). And, there's not enough talented people in the shojo-ai category! D:
  5. Blanche
    I think the forbidden thing does it for me. and of course the hot sex scenes ^-^
  6. BatNinja
    there are many reasons why I like to read and watch yaoi. I like men that the first one XD I also have a thing about watching same sex love..... actually watching het almost never does it for me :/ maybe because gay sex is such a taboo
  7. Zafire
    seriously I have no clue... It's just hot as hell ^^there is no reason for me ^^
  8. misscherry
    Um actually i stummbled onto it by accident and i fell in love with it. Its wonderful and mysterious in a way. The whole forbidden thing definately plays a roll in at as well its exhilarating
  9. Tenjou
    I love yaoi because it makes my heart flutter and just gives me a good dose of emotions...
  10. ReaperGaGa
    it's just the way it makes me feel. 2 guys fall in love and it's forbidden love but they fight for it and can't live without eachother. sometimes makes me kinda envy. i wanna be loved like that
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