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reasons for being yaoilovers

  1. Udaka
    I like the fact that a male affection for another over looking gender as a barrier. Its great fun to feel the intense emotions and sensual scenes. Men x men love story is awesome! That enviable communication, protectiveness, understanding that goes on. Pulls you in *sigh I just like it even w/o these reasons though. Its my rainbow
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  2. CielCosplayer
    I think it could be because of the relationships the characters have. How they truly love one another. Well that's why for me. I like seeing love. I sometimes worry I might not find it (dumb right?). But I love seeing the story unfold and getting attached to the characters.
  3. Saphie12
    The reason why I love yaoi is because there are more in-depth plots than typical shoujo manga. For some reason, I just starting finding every shoujo manga having the same plot. No, not the exact same scenerio from scene-to-scene, but the gist of the love interest was pretty were similar to each other. Whether it's girl likes a boy but can't get the courage to ask him out or whether thw tow characters have an interest in each other but believe the other has no interest in them...I just sometimes see the lines blur. With yaoi, yea some may be similar to each other in regards to the love interests of the main characters, but there is usually something more to the story (of the ones that I've read and watched). As for shoujo-ai, I can't really say how I feel about it because I've only honestly read, at most, three...so I wouldn't give it a fair judgement.

    Other aarin members mentioned it on this post earlier too, is that some men feel that society doesn't really look at men who can be sensitive or show expressed emotions. Sure, some men do and some men don't, but the majority simply just can't express their emotions due to society. Needless to say, whenever there is tension in a yaoi manga or anime, I feel that it's more believable than any other typical manga. This is just opinion though. =]

    Needless to say, I will always be reading and watching yaoi because it never ceases to bore me. =]
  4. OtherRomance
    I love yaoi because it is fluff with depth. I just love the dynamics between a seme (the manly man) and an uke (the bottom man). No matter how insecure an uke is, he will always have moments of confidence to reassure his seme. Same goes for the seme who is confident upfront but is totally helpless when it comes to keeping his uke. The feels of a possessive seme is just pure awesome!

    Other Romance
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