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reasons for being yaoilovers

  1. 1fangrl
    I love Yaoi because it is so HOT! Plus...well...I also like the role playing thing and the forbiden things that can happen. Sometimes it makes me wish I was a gay boy just because of that. I am sure I am not the only one who feels like that!
  2. WindchildXD
    To be honest I was totally anti-pairing/romance fan... but seeing Flame of Recca (my first anime) that idea totally resolved from within...much much later when Beyblade appeared on TV (the first anime with little or no girls at all) got me thinking about guy on guy pairing... after that when Naruto appeared and that incident in episode 3...things started to stir then...LOLZ.
  3. LostUke
    I love Yaoi because of the forbidding love and the hott sex scenes!! you gotta love the Ukes lol
    its been a while back since i had this fetish of gay hentai and stuff, then i discovered some managa and anime which doubled the excitement! XD
  4. yummeyaoi23
    Its really just so ramantic haha Idk it gives you a warm feeling inside when you know they really love each other, which is kinda hard to over come when you are both men, it proves it is real. And well we cannot forget the sex lol Thats always just hot!
  5. Caelum17
    My best friend put it to me like this. When it comes to a hetero relationship, if we like the guy we want to the guy or we try to find a way to get the guy/girl. Either way we can destroy the relationship, consciously or not. But with a male/male relationship, it's something that we can't be a part of, so we can enjoy it and not be focused on what to do to get the guy, because the guy wouldn't want us anyway. Now that logic isn't perfect, especially if the guys are bi, but I think with yaoi it's the same. It's something that we can't be a part of, we can never really be part of a male/male relationship, seeing as we're not male. So we find it interesting, as it's two hot guys together, it's like eye candy x2!
    But that's just me, this might not make sense to anyone else. XP
  6. xShyness
    Its easy, 'cuz two mens are better then one

    and well, I as a girl would never have a chance to..enjoy it as they do >_>
  7. yaoimadness
    I got bored with the typical boy-girl romance story, and there's this feeling of excitement in my heart [whoa] (can't explain it properly) whenever the story is getting in the good part, and seeing 2 cute/handsome guys in a forbidden love...that's heaven...XD
  8. ladySakuyaKira
    I read them mostly becuse there about love
  9. Dataxia
    I read yaoi because I think the men are hot. Yaoi has a sort of sex appeal for me. The stories are cute too, and the artwork is different from regular shoujo.

    I really want to be loved wholeheartedly. Yaoi is some sort of aspiration... a dream that I want to achieve.
  10. Rody
    Aha .. It all started when I saw the anime junjo Romantica .. And then started going crazy ... I loved it strongly Everything by the moments of love and words and looks, personalities and events

    I felt that love is complex and impossible .. But beautiful and honest and gentle

    I felt as if I live with them .. And addicted to this kind delicious for me and I am following all his new :
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