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reasons for being yaoilovers

  1. kumori97
    Well I started off with absolutely hating yaoi. Then I went into a used bookstore, got some manga without really looking at it, read it and I was like...... woah! Why did I hate this? I really love yaoi because it seems so much more passionate than regular love stories. To me it seems like the love is more real. Not to mention the forbidden thing and the hot sex are great too. But the big thing for me is the love they share. I really wish I could be loved like that.
  2. iThreat
    I just like it... but if I want to get technical and sound like I have good reasons, I go one of two ways:

    1) prefer to see two gay guys because then I don't feel jealous (like in shoujo where you are like, damn her > because in yaoi I know I have no chance^^ lol?)

    2) I blame my parents... their divorce gave me relationship insecurities between a male and female, but since I find myself still attracted to men, I prefer a manxman relationship

    but those reasons I just use when someone isn't okay with yaoi O.o so I'm not sure I acutally mean them. This is just me trying to justify myself to people who are like, wtf?!

    and then actual shoujo annoys me -.- I mean it's like, wtf, you cannot be that more QQ why is he after such "a plain girl like me, I'm just so normal!(yet have three totally hot guys liking me!)" ......-.-* lol. and I agree with Kumori97... the love just seems more real (though, that might be the truth in reason number 2 speaking for me)
  3. PalmtopTaiga
    [COLOR="Magenta"][[COLOR="Magenta"]COLOR="Red"]I agreed with everything that has been mentioned, love, hot scenes, good looking characters and plot...but for me, it the intimacy or the level of it. Which you don't necessary get in a shouja or hetero relationships and you can see the progression and that make the physical scenes HOT
  4. madam same
    madam same
    when i first read yaoi fanfic, i instantly fell in love...i din't even now how, but it happened and i didn't know it was called "yaoi" or "boy's love. I like that i can impersonate every characters, being uke or seme indiscriminately
  5. Asane
    Well as a person said in few posts before it happened the same with me. I accidentally found yaoi manga. I was just looking for some good manga to read and there was a picture of two boys huggin so i was curious and started to read. I don't remember the name of it but i fell in love! The love,sex,plot and the characters are just cute and sexy and excited! I didn't know that was called yaoi and i was so new in this small beautiful world. But i'm happy that i found it this manga and i'm happy to know that there is a lot of people who loves read manga or watch anime with mens relationship
  6. yamane
    Because it rocks. Period.
    *laughs* I actually started out with shounen-ai (OtRFK) and I found BL so cute so I decided to look for more mangas with the same genre.
  7. Greenflower
    come on! its TWO(/more) HOT guys at once

    and plus shoujo girls are just mushy and...girly (lol)
  8. yamane
    Might I also add the fact that because there are two (or more) men involved, it's double the fun...S*x just doesn't seem right to me if there aren't two - or more - chinkos lmao

    ...well, ever since I started reading yaoi anyway ^_^
  9. pythoneyb
    i fell in love with yaoi because of the passion that the characters had for each other i mean every time i read or watch a yaoi anime i just get all excited and googly eyed over the the the storyline and i just love the dialog in the story. i mean the things they say you'll never find a guy in this time and age say them things so i think that's one of the reasons that girls like yaoi anime and the intimate scenes are a plus
  10. hellzcat
    Because I'm just an open-minded person who thinks that love knows no gender restriction xDD
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