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Where to buy clothes?

  1. Trasirshall
    I have just bought my first bjd (an SD17, 73cm) from DikaDoll and I am having huge problems finding clothes that will fit him.
    It feels like I have gone through millions of online stores to find something that will fit him but nothing does.

    If you know any good quality clothes stores online please post links (don't post links that have already been posted).
  2. Kajiruki
    Hey didn't realise this post was up here.. I don't own that size myself but I'm guessing what people would tell you is to look on DOA if you haven't already found the solution..
    Tata clothes might be good too...
    I find it hard to find clothes for my DOT :S
  3. asphy_xiation
    I know! Especially about the DOT. My huge problem is the feet. DOT boy's feet are so wide...

    As for the clothes, have you checked the catalogues of famous companies like eluts.com and dollmore.net? I also double the suggestion of Kajiruki to join DOA (Den of Angels) forum. There's a lot of custom sellers there and information about what dolls have the same measurements as your doll and where you can find clothes for him.
  4. Trasirshall
    Thanks for the tips!
    Tata has really nice clothes. I have to look into the sizes a bit more though. Dikadolls have unusually long backs so it's a bit hard to find things that would fit even when though the cloth size says "for 70cm".

    Lutz and dollmore clothes does not fit. I use dollmore to get some nice "bling" for my dolls though. :P
  5. asphy_xiation
    Haha, sorry 'bout that. I've never experienced buying clothing for any doll taller than the normal 1/4 (SD) size but thought Luts would have them because they have Senior Delfs, etc. I guess I was wrong. Sorry again! :P
  6. Kajiruki
    I know the Tata clothes for DOT/SD17? fit and are a little baggy torso wise but otherwise good probably too short for a bigger doll.
    I try and fail to make my own clothes.. I'll be owning a SSDF at some point (the head has been with me for a loooooooooong time!
  7. LittleBat
    There's also Junkyspot and MintonCard which sell alot of inexpensive BJD clothes. I got a fairly good haul for my doll Koujiro from MintonCard for under $70 dollars.
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